New Superhero Fiction (2021 pt. 2)

New Superhero Fiction

We are halfway through 2021, so it’s time once again to spotlight some new superhero fiction. We’ve got a few collections and next-in-series books this time, and I hope you can find something that catches your eye.

As usual, I haven’t read all these books personally, so please check out the reviews and samples before reading.

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The Horror of Supervillainy (The Supervillainy Saga Book 7)

by C.T. Phipps

The Horror of Supervillainy Cover

Gary Karkofsky a.k.a Merciless: The Supervillain without MercyTM has decided to give up supervillainy and embrace the path of righteousness. Unfortunately, he’s terrible at it and no one wants him to be their superheroic protector. That all changes when a talking raven arrives with the perfect quest to make his mark: rescue the President’s daughter from Dracula.

Unfortunately, Gary is being led into a trap. The location of Dracula’s castle is in Satan Swamp, which is where Gary suffered one of the few defeats of his life. There’s also a camp full of superpowered children, the return of alternate reality allies, a pair of psycho killers in love, and an old enemy returned.

Enjoy the latest installment of the Supervillainy Saga!

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Nemesis (League of Independent Operatives Book 4)

by Kate Sheeran Swed

Nemesis Cover

Mary O’Sullivan’s world is on the brink of collapse.

The Enhanced Abilities Enforcement Association is persecuting humans with powers, forcing them to register their talents with the government. With LIO no longer sanctioned, agents swarm the streets in search of the entrance to the league’s hidden HQ.

When Mary helps an enhanced teenager to escape across the border, she uncovers a huge community of people trapped in hiding. With even greater threats lurking among the stars, she must usher them to safety before the EAEA finds them first…

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Flint and Steel (Just Cause Universe Book 22)

by Ian Thomas Healy

Flint & Steel


When Ava Zhang washes out of Just Cause Chicago, she figures her career as a superhero is over. Then she gets the opportunity to partner with experienced hero Detroit Steel, and the two of them work to halt the distribution of a dangerous new designer drug called Wool. And once again, everything goes wrong.

Ava is accidentally dosed with Wool and her ensuing loss of control results in major damage to an urban farm, and sends a young farmer to the hospital with injuries she caused. When she goes to apologize, she discovers she’s attracted to him. But he may be involved in the creation and distribution of Wool, and Ava has to set aside her feelings in order to track down the supply chain.

When she discovers the truth no one could have predicted, it will cause even more death and tragedy if Ava can’t find a way to stop it.

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Action Figures – Issue Ten: Unintended Consequences

by Michael C. Bailey

Action Figures Issue 10 Cover

No good deed goes unpunished. No sins of the past go unforgotten.

A quiet winter ends in chaos when the Hero Squad’s darkest secrets are revealed to the world.

Every mistake they’ve ever made, every defeat they’ve ever suffered, every supervillain they’ve ever crossed returns to haunt them, threatening to destroy the team from within and from without — and this time, the Squad must face the challenge alone.

Because even their allies are against them.

Brace yourself for another game-changing adventure in the Action Figures saga!

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Heroic: The Golden Age

by Evan Curie

Heroic: The Golden Age cover

Five years ago, the world changed forever.

We were discovered. No once noticed. We were invaded. No one realized. We fought back. No one… cared. In the last moments before defeat, our enemy deployed a bioweapon, spreading an invisible pandemic to the winds.

The world just wanted to go back to normal.

A third of the population have the genetic code needed to activate the Quantum Virus. Billions of people, waiting to wake up one morning with powers. Abilities. Enhancements beyond that of mortal men.

The aliens bet on us destroying ourselves in the ensuing madness, but not all humans revel in destruction. When Order and Chaos go to war, Chaos always wins in the short term… but heroes know how to play the long game.

Looking back, will this be the beginning of the end, or the start of the Golden Age?


The Mercy Chronicles: A Superhero at War With Herself

by Fiona Zedde

The Mercy Chronicles Cover

The two thrilling halves of Fiona Zedde’s lesbian superhero book series come together in The Mercy Chronicles.

In The Power of Mercy, shape-shifter Mercy is a blade that can cut both ways. To her family, she is weak. Her power is nowhere near as impressive as their abilities to alter the world around them.

But when Mai Redstone puts on the costume to become Mercy, a rooftop-climbing chameleon with a thousand disguises and at least nine lives, she feels almost invincible. Until the day she must make the cruellest of choices, between family loyalty and self-preservation. How can she decide?

In A Lover’s Mercy, Mai returns to prowling Atlanta as its hero, Mercy. For all her new strength and heightened powers, her heart remains good and kind. Her passionate lover, Xóchitl, is the opposite. The softest thing about her is her love for Mai. Xóchitl hunts and punishes anyone who dares to break her people’s rules.

When Mai ends up in an enemy’s crosshairs, Xóchitl is terrified. She’s used to being the most dangerous one in the room, but when she suddenly isn’t, will she allow herself to surrender to her lover’s mercy?


The Ultimate Agent – Complete Series: Book 1, Helios Files, Book 2 & 3

by Derek Borne

The Ultimate Agent Complete Series Box Set

If you’ve been a long-time fan of this series, don’t hesitate to finish it out and if you’re new and trying to decide if it’s worth your time, DO IT! ~ Bibliogal Blog

Life lessons delivered with laughter and love are the hallmark of a Borne world. And everyone can always use more laughter and love. So, if you’re already a Borne fan, this is a must-read. If you’re debating on whether to give this author a chance, I scream, YES! ~ The Lawless Land of Books

“Derek Borne definitely has a super creative noggin when it comes to writing, and above all else, this is what makes me come back to read his books again and again.” ~ Caffeine & Legends Book Blog

“The Ultimate Agent” series includes:

  • Bantering superhero spies with a penchant for pizza. 
  • High-tech gadgets that you’ll wish were real. 
  • Blockbuster-worthy action and sweet, charming romance. 
  • Bigfoot, Mothman, Loch Ness Monster, the Michigan Dogman, a Kraken (because why not?), and a freaking Minotaur!
  • Twists that will make you question everything. 
  • Story with heart that will have you cheering for more.


Dear Henchman (Dear Hero Book 2)

by Alyssa Roat

Dear Henchman Cover

Kevin and Himari didn’t plan to be heroes.

Henchmen and sidekicks aren’t supposed to fall in love. Or save the world. They’re supposed to brew coffee, take pics of their hero or villain for social media, and stay in the background.

That was sidekick-slash-frat boy Kevin and henchwoman-slash-tech genius Himari’s plan, until a taxidermy-collecting villain robs Kevin’s hero of his powers and leaves Himari’s villain wounded. Now it’s up to the sidekicks and henchies to save the world.

Without powers, they’ll go up against the Shadow Assassins (a deadly organization that can’t work a PowerPoint to save their lives), road trips-slash-kidnappings, and weird initiation rituals that may or may not involve singing campfire songs.

Himari and Kevin will battle the odds, their insecurities, and a strangely polite Midwestern villain as they discover if they have what it takes to profess their love through Mexican food metaphors–and save the world from a nuclear disaster.

The sequel to Dear Hero, this darkly humorous chat fiction novel told entirely through texts, transcriptions, and direct messages goes behind the scenes of the superworld.


Superteam (Raptors Book 2)

by Jaime Castle and CJ Valin

Superteam Cover

If you didn’t read Sidekick, you’ve gotta read that first. Trust me.

If you did…

Wow. Who saw that coming? I know I didn’t.

As you know, I’m the Red Raptor. Now that things have… changed, I’ve asked my friend Amy to help tell the story. No, seriously, she’s just a friend. I mean—I guess if it were up to me? But… no.

Okay, so there’s a new threat—a bunch of punks called the Neon Knights. They’re causing mayhem, armed with some kind of plasma-photon-light weapons that I can’t even begin to understand, and as usual, I’ve gotta stop them.

However, this time I’ve got help. That’s right, I formed my own superteam. One for the ages.

But first, I’ve gotta do my shift at Big Frankie Junior’s. What? You like eating burgers, right? Well, someone has to cook them. We can’t be heroes all the time.

From Washington Post Bestseller Jaime Castle and CJ Valin comes the next installment from the best new superhero universe, perfect for fans of both DC and Marvel. Actually, its for fans of anything superhero-related. You’re gonna like it. Promise.


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