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Dive into a fantasy book and forget the real world for a while. If you like A) explosive action, B) themes of friendship/family, or C) kissing, you’ll probably enjoy my stories.

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With powerful world-building and kick-ass characters, Brand skillfully enchants her readers.

-Darkest Sins Blog

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My blog features bonus scenes and extra content from my novels along with glimpses into my writing process.

How I Outline a Novel

How I Outline a Novel

See my process for outlining a novel before I even start writing. Spoiler alert: it’s messy.

Summer Getaway

I put my characters through hell. Here’s a bonus scene set after the WK&BV series where Dave and Val enjoy a vacation without getting attacked.

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Like superhero fiction? Fight Crime! (A Love Story) is a free serialized web novel about a supervillain striving to make her mark on the criminal underworld and the superhero trying to stop her. Or just hang out and get to know her. Or maybe kiss her. He’s kind of conflicted.

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