Dark and Otherworldly Mood Boards

Otherworld Aesthetic

I love book aesthetics so much. I’ve posted a lot of them for the Dark and Otherworldly series on Twitter and Pinterest, but unless you’re stalking me on those platforms, chances are you’ve missed out on seeing at least some of them. So here’s a handy roundup!

Poison and Honey book cover aesthetic

This one was basically an exercise in finding images with colors that complimented the book cover while still having something to do with the story.

I had a lot of fun with the colors in this one too. It basically represents Leigh’s goal to completely decimate Otherworld in Book 1 of the series.

Mood board for the final battle of Poison and Honey

This mood board is for the final battle at the end of Poison and Honey. I made a phone background version of it as part of my Dark and Otherworldly virtual swag, so it’s safe to say I still like the image.

I made this one when I discovered Canva could turn images into gifs–so cool! That’s Otherworld on top and the human world on the bottom, with a portal in between.

This was for a #ThursdayAesthetic on Twitter. The prompt was “warm whispers,” and it’s all about Leigh and Dredarion being torn between duty and love.

And here’s another #ThursdayAesthetic, this one with the theme “Poison.” Poison is a big part of palace intrigue in Otherworld, so I had a lot to work with.

Do you look at bookish mood boards on Pinterest, Tumblr, or other places around the web? Do you ever make your own? Let me know in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Dark and Otherworldly Mood Boards

  1. These are all so pretty. I’ve got chaotic inspiration boards for the various superhero characters I’m working on for my superhero novel. They are very helpful for visualizing what I’m after in a character’s practical and aesthetic qualities but I will never share them cuz they’re MY inspiration boards MINE, precious.
    Thanks for sharing these!

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