I Should Have Read That Book Tag

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I haven’t done a tag in a while and saw this one over at One Book More. It seemed like a good chance to examine my TBR pile, which–like the universe–is large and always expanding.

A Book That a Certain Friend is Always Telling You to Read

Rosemary and Rue

Well, NeriSiren does mention the October Daye series a lot… 😛 I can’t blame this one solely on another person, though, because I’ve known about the series for years and have always meant to get around to it. I just haven’t yet.

A Book That’s Been on Your TBR Forever and Yet You Still Haven’t Read It

No Man of Woman Born Cover

I first mentioned No Man of Woman Born on this blog back in September. This post is a good reminder to myself that I haven’t purchased it yet and need to get on that.

A Book in a Series You’ve Started, But Haven’t
Gotten Around to Finishing

Red and Black series of superhero fiction by Nancy O'Toole

I loved Red and Black by Nancy O’Toole. It’s just my kind of superhero novel with a geeky protagonist, sympathetic villain, and a dash of romance. With the fourth book, Past and Future, coming out soon, I need to catch up on the series.

A Classic You’ve Always Liked the Sound of, But Have Never Actually Read

Arsene Lupin classic image

Watching Lupin on Netflix has made me want to read the original Arsène Lupin books by Maurice Leblanc. I’ve read all the original Sherlock Holmes stories, so I think it’s only fair to balance out the classic detective with the classic gentleman thief.

A Popular Book That it Seems Everyone But You Has Read

I mentioned Mexican Gothic in my End of Autumn Recap Tag post, and I still haven’t gotten it from the library yet. 😬 I am 100% determined to read it, though.

A Book That Inspired a Film/TV Adaptation That You Really Love, But Just Haven’t Picked Up Yet

Umbrella Academy Graphic Novel

I love the Umbrella Academy on Netflix and have been meaning to pick up the graphic novels. I hear they’re pretty different from the TV show but want to at least try out the first volume.

A Book You See All Over Instagram But Haven’t Picked Up Yet

Cover of fantasy novel Jade City

I don’t have an Instagram, but I do have a Twitter account and get a lot of my book recommendations there. One I’ve seen around a lot is Jade City by Fonda Lee–and I’ve put it on hold at the library, so I should be marking this one off my TBR list soon.

What’s on your TBR list? Have you read any of these books? Let me know in the comments!

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