New Superhero Fiction of 2019 (Year-End Megapost)

New Superhero Fiction

2019 is almost over, and it was a good year for superhero fiction. You can check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of my wrap-ups throughout the year to find any books you missed. Below, I’ve got a mix of books that came out in the last couple months and releases from earlier in the year that I overlooked. Hopefully, you can find something that catches your interest.

As usual, I haven’t personally read all of these novels, so check out the reviews and samples before purchasing. And happy reading!

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by Marissa Meyer

Supernova Cover

All’s fair in love and anarchy in Supernova, the epic conclusion to New York Times bestselling author Marissa Meyer’s thrilling Renegades Trilogy

This volume sees Nova and Adrian struggling to keep their secret identities concealed while the battle rages on between their alter egos, their allies, and their greatest fears come to life. Secrets, lies, and betrayals are revealed as anarchy once again threatens to reclaim Gatlon City.


Barnes & Noble


A Christmas Carol (Wearing the Cape)

by Marion G. Harmon

A Christmas Carol Cover

It’s been an interesting year, and Astra and Joyeuse Guard are glad for the holidays. It’s time for snowball fights and Christmas lights, family and tradition. So when Astra is attacked by a villain she’s never seen before, and saved by Faith, her sister in another reality, she takes her home for Christmas. That alone would have made it the most amazing Corrigan Family Christmas ever—but when Christmas morning dawns and the world awakens to find that Santa Claus really, truly delivered on the wishes of millions of children around the world, Astra and Joyeuse Guard are called upon to find out what happened.

Because they may just have to save Christmas.


Brightblade (The Morgan Detective Agency Book 1)

by C.T. Phipps and Michael Suttkus

Brightblade Cover

Psychic. Superhero. Spy. Detective. Bounty Hunter. Ashley Morgan has been many things and failed at all of them. The twenty-eight-year old has her whole life ahead of her but has already resigned herself to working a dead end job bringing in the debt-ridden supernatural criminals of New Detroit. A chance encounter with the vampire sheriff reveals a secret that motivates her to change her life forever: her long-missing brother Arthur is alive (in a manner of speaking).

Ashley sets out on a quest to not only find him but also deal with old lovers, treacherous criminals, a magic sword, and a quest to raise an ancient vampire from the dead.

Brightblade is set in the same world as the Red Room series, The Bright Falls Mysteries, and Straight Outta Fangton.


Barnes & Noble


Search and Rescue (Just Cause Universe Book 16)

by Ian Thomas Healy

Search and Rescue Cover


As the world warms, civilian and commercial traffic through the Arctic increases. More people means a greater need for help, and Just Cause Arctic Circle is the superhero team assigned to find those who are lost and endangered due to accidents, environmental hazards, or their own foolhardiness.


Rookie hero Maia, known as Devilfish, joins the team and barely has a chance to get to know her teammates before a powerful Arctic hurricane sends them out on an urgent rescue mission. They expect to find civilians trapped on a foundering ship. Instead, with the storm assaulting them like a juggernaut, they find something much, much worse.

They’re not well-equipped. They’re not scientists. They’re not warriors.

But they’re humanity’s only hope.


Barnes & Noble


Alter Ego: The Other Me, Issue 1: A Superhero Detective Mystery (The Alter Ego Series)

by David Terruso and Nicholas DeStefano

Alter Ego Cover

Would you help kill the world’s only superhero if the price were right?

Self-centered sleuth Chris Club despises Blue because he failed to rescue Club’s only friend. So when Club gets recruited to uncover Blue’s secret identity, he jumps at the chance, hoping to prove to the world that whoever’s behind the mask is a villain.

Club’s psychotic boss, an actual villain, wants to kill Blue—not for some grand scheme, just to make the whole world sad.

The invulnerable superhero with the decapitating uppercut has no reflection, only comes out at night, and never leaves the Centro city limits.

As Club unravels the mind-bending truth about who and what Blue is, he learns Blue truly is a good guy, and starts to care about him. And he realizes if he doesn’t betray his boss, Blue’s blood won’t be the only blood on his hands.

Half novel. Half graphic novel. A visual mystery you’ll obsess over.


Super Heroes: The New Super Humans, Book Four

by T.M. Franklin

Super Heroes Cover

She thought he was dead. But he could be something even worse.

Chloe Blake is devastated when her boyfriend, Ethan, sacrifices himself to defeat the evil Chaos that threatens the world. But just when she’s on the verge of accepting the terrible loss, a psychic vision convinces her Ethan’s still alive.

And he’s in trouble.

Chloe’s determined to rescue Ethan, and she convinces the rest of The Order to join the mission. But tracking him leads them down a twisting trail with an astonishing destination . . . and to a mysterious shadow agency that’s determined to stop them.

They’re united by a destiny to protect humanity, but this time The Order isn’t fighting for the fate of the world.

This time they’re fighting for one of their own.

Super Heroes is the fourth book in The New Super Humans, a high-octane series about ordinary people with extraordinary abilities. If you like cool super powers, action-packed fight scenes and a touch of romance, then you’ll love T.M. Franklin’s final tale of The Order, and the new breed of superheroes tasked with saving the world.

Buy Super Heroes and join the adventure today!


Starfall (The Chronicles of Fid Book 3)

by David Reiss

Starfall Cover

Last year, the notorious Doctor Fid waged a violent war to save the Earth from annihilation.

Two months ago, the armored supervillain fought a vicious, deadly battle to protect his city.

Today, there is only one little girl in need of rescue.

Pity any who stand in Doctor Fid’s way.

It has been more than two decades since the tragedy that led to the creation of Doctor Fid. The brilliant supervillain built weapons of legendary power and forged a terrifying reputation out of violence and misery. Even the mightiest heroes tremble at the sound of Doctor Fid’s mocking laughter.

But time has dulled the villain’s rage, and the bloodiest years have become nothing but a bad memory.

Now a new tragedy looms, and Doctor Fid must face his own inner demons before the old madness swallows him whole. Because – to prevent a repeat of his past – the Doctor Fid of yesteryear would have been willing to sacrifice anything or commit any horror.

Even if it would have meant pulling the stars from the sky and tearing the very universe asunder.


Plague (Just Cause Universe Book 18)

by Adrienne Dellwo

Plague Cover

What if you became what you despised?
And the hate group you once called home planned a violent terror attack,
And only you could stop them?

Fledgling superhero Zeke Shepherd must overcome all his fears to save lives. And time is running out.


Barnes & Noble

Sloth: A Genetically Modified Hero Romance (The Deadly Seven Book 4)

by Lana Pecherczyk

Sloth Cover

She’s a hacker, a legendary gamer, a badass vigilante… if she can get herself out of bed. Read Sloth now in Kindle Unlimited.

Nothing much appeals to Sloan Lazarus, except the burning hatred for the man who stole her heart and then ghosted her—right after she confessed her crime-fighting secret. When he turns up two years later, completely complacent and hot-as-sin, Sloan is determined to make his life a living hell. Then she discovers he is her lifemate… and her unstable powers kick in.

After being dishonorably discharged from the army, Maximillian Johnson has come to the sin-soaked Cardinal City to make a difference. A dark secret drives his motivation, and coloring outside the lines of law enforcement with the Deadly Seven is just what he needs. It doesn’t hurt that he gets to work with the beautiful woman who still holds a long denied place in his heart.

Problem is, the fanatical Syndicate are closing in, and just when the Deadly Seven think they’re making headway, they take two steps back. Sloan must learn to make peace with the brooding security specialist, or suffer the consequences of being imbalanced. If she can’t learn to trust again, and control her devastating new powers, life will be worse than a living hell… it will be deadly.

Paranormal Romance meets The Avengers in this epic series where the heroes must find a lifemate, or become the deadly sin they’re destined to destroy. Full of steamy romance, humor, thrilling action, family dynamics, band of warriors, alpha heroes and strong heroines. If you like your superhero shows, but want more romance from your Lois and Clarke, then you’ll fall head over heels the Deadly Seven. Binge this series in Kindle Unlimited.


Wild Cards X: Double Solitaire

by Melinda Snodgrass

Wildcards X Cover

Edited by George R. R. Martin, the New York Times bestselling author of A Game of Thrones, Wild Cards X: Double Solitaire from Melinda Snodgrass, creator of Dr. Tachyon, is the first solo Wild Cards novel!

Soon to be a show on Hulu!

Aboard his grandfather’s spaceship and fleeing the violent turmoil between jokers, aces, and nats that his vicious ambition spawned, Blaise is headed for a new conquest: the planet Takis. Dr. Tachyon is left behind… but he’s lost more than his only way of returning to his homeworld. Blaise has stolen his body, as well—leaving Tach trapped in the pregnant body of a teenage runaway.

Tachyon must sell his soul to reach Takis—and once there, confront Blaise amidst the political and military machinations of Takisian society. Treachery and treason await him. At stake is nothing less than the destiny of an entire world.


Barnes & Noble


Action Figures – Issue Eight: Crawling From the Wreckage

by Michael C. Bailey

Action Figures Issue 8 Cover

One war is over but a new war is beginning, and Lightstorm is once again caught in the crossfire.

After eight months in space fighting alongside the Vanguard against the Black End, Carrie “Lightstorm” Hauser comes home to rejoin her friends and family — but do they even need her anymore?

Carrie returns to Earth and finds herself a stranger in her own life. Matt has taken over as leader of the Hero Squad, her secret identity has been revealed to the world, and her father wants nothing to do with his super-hero daughter. Worst of all, Concorde refuses to let Carrie back in the field until she deals with the trauma she suffered in the Black End War.

As Carrie struggles to figure out her place in the world, a new threat rises in the form of Massacre and Vendetta, two rival super-villain teams on a collision course — and Kingsport is their battleground.

Heroes will rise. Heroes will fall. And no one will walk away unscathed.


Shadow’s Torment: A Superhero Urban Fantasy (The Rise of Heroes Book 2)

by Trish Heinrich

Shadow's Torment

He fights crime. She was born into it. When the city’s in danger, superheroes can come from both sides of the law.

Marco has abandoned his superhero duties to search for an antidote for his friend’s uncontrollable fits of rage. When the only man who knows the cure dies in his arms, Marco must puzzle his dying words alone in a crime-ridden metropolis.

The granddaughter of a crime-lord, Colleen would burn down the city to find her missing brother. As she pieces together the clues, Colleen and Marco uncover a horrifying secret from the past that will threaten all of their futures.

Fans of dark urban fantasy and noir superheroes will love this high-octane sequel! Suit up and buy Shadow’s Torment, book two in The Rise of Heroes series today!

Previously published as Shadow Dreams, book two of The Vigilantes: The Phantasm Trilogy


What was your favorite superhero novel of 2019? Have you read any of these? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. I love these covers. And the genres are getting more diverse too. Sci-fi, detective/mystery, adventure, techno-thriller, it’s all out there. I remember when superhero prose novels were just generic superhero tales. Sometimes with a twist, but often it was just Cape Man fighting crime in Crime City. Now there are as many styles of superhero story as the comics these days which is awesome. Thanks for previews of the new releases and have a great 2020!

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