New Superhero Fiction of 2019 (Part 2)

New Superhero Fiction

Hey, super-readers. It’s been a while since I’ve posted a new superhero fiction roundup, so here’s a giant mega-post with twelve thirteen new books! I’m tempted to call it “New Supervillain Fiction,” since the villains almost outnumber the heroes. But I love a compelling, complex supervillain, so bring on the bad guys.

As usual, I haven’t personally read all of these books, so check out the samples and review before purchasing. And happy reading!

(And here’s Part 1, if you missed it.)

How to Become a Henchman, A Novel: The Henchman’s Survival Guide

by J Bennett

How to Become a Henchman

Welcome to Big Little City, a semi-reality town where everyone who isn’t already a hero or a villain wants to become one.

Well, almost everyone… Alice just needs to keep her head down, earn her college degree, and then she’ll finally be able to escape this crazy place and find a real job. Too bad a super scary villain just blew up the restaurant where she works and her paycheck along with it!

Now Alice finds herself running low on funds and employment options. Her tuition bill is due, and the university doesn’t take promises or tales of woe.

As luck would have it, one of the town’s most famous villains is holding henchmen auditions. The gig would earn Alice the money she needs; all she has to do is betray every instinct and play the “Fame Game” she despises.

Oh, and she’s also got to beat out the other competitors who might just kill for the limited henchmen spots.

Author J Bennett is back with a brand new, action-packed superhero series. With a keen social eye and her trademark wit, J Bennett weaves a story of a futuristic world where good and evil are both beholden to ratings.

Is Alice willing to risk life, limb, and her integrity to land the role of a lifetime and the juicy paycheck it brings?

Find out why it’s so much fun to root for the henchman!


Captain Stellar

by R.J. Sorrento

Captain Stellar Cover

Time to be a hero.

Cal Bolden is a college dropout working in construction and has difficulty committing to his boyfriend, Jin. On the night of a meteor shower, Cal’s life changes when a genius scientist named Dr. Almighty abducts him, giving him superpowers against his will.

Thrust into a laboratory hidden in Chicago, Cal meets Fernando and Margo, siblings with powers from Dr. Almighty. They promise to train him to reach his full potential. As Cal learns to harness his powers, he becomes attracted to his handsome and mysterious mentor, Fernando.

Caught between Jin’s concerns about his disappearance and his unexpected feelings for Fernando, Cal flees the lab for a life without superpowers. When Dr. Almighty and his team of recruits threaten to attack the city, Cal must face his fears and fight as Captain Stellar before losing the people he loves most.

Join the adventure in this exciting LGBT science fiction romance series.


The Future of Supervillainy

by C.T. Phipps

The Future of Supervillainy Cover

Gary Karkofsky, a.k.a Merciless: The Supervillainy without Mercy, has decided to retire from supervillainy. He’s lost too many friends and killed too many people (though they all had it coming). Unfortunately, this proves to be easier said than done when the Department of Supernatural Services (DOSS) shows up to arrest him for all of his crimes. Quickly landing himself in more trouble, he decides to get out of town and help a struggling underground kingdom in the center of the Earth. What he finds is an army of Nazis, gods, lost temples, and dinosaurs. He also is forced to fight once more against the world’s first supervillain: Tom Terror, archenemy of heroes everywhere.

He just can’t catch a break, can he?


Incarnation: A Kid Sensation Novel

by Kevin Hardman

Incarceration cover

Jim (aka Kid Sensation) is no stranger to difficult and dangerous tasks. Having faced down everything from ruthless aliens to sadistic supervillains, he’s shown that he can more than hold his own under almost any circumstances. But now he’s facing a situation unlike anything he’s ever encountered before.

Recruited by a colleague for a mysterious mission and transported to a realm beyond space and time, Jim finds himself thrust into the company of Incarnates – individuals with powers and abilities so vast that they can do almost anything, including warp reality. But these esteemed personages are plagued by a dark issue, for which they turn to Jim for help: one amongst them is a murderer.

Charged with finding this killer, Jim soon realizes the inherent folly of pursuing an individual who is power personified and able to alter reality with the wave of a hand. With the fate of the universe hanging in the balance, he must find a way to defeat a murderous, nigh-omnipotent foe who can not only match his powers, but also negate them – fully and permanently.


Generation Next: A Superhero Adventure

by C.C. Ekeke

Superheroes aren’t born, they’re made.

But they can be broken…

Hugo continues his superhero training, eager to join the good fight. But when a deadly new enemy strikes close to home, he’s forced to make a choice: become the hero he wants to be, or the hero his city needs.

After exposing Titan’s murderer, Quinn’s next story explores the world of teen superheroes. And the deeper she digs, the more layers of corruption she uncovers.

Greyson is a wanted fugitive, hiding out on foreign soil. But if he doesn’t learn the rules, his refuge will become his grave.

Their fates will shape the next generation of heroes…and villains. Grab your copy of Generation Next, Book Three of The Pantheon Saga!

WARNING: This novel contains profanity, ligers and explosive superhero action. If you need a safe space from profanity, ligers or explosive superhero action, this novel might not be for you.


Villainess Life: A LitRPG Supervillain Novel

by Tom Warin

Villainess Life

Miranda is an ordinary gamer who finds herself inside the body and mind of the notorious supervillainess Murder Maid – a character she created in the online role-playing game Super City. She has none of Murder Maid’s memories but has to live with the consequences of her alter ego’s actions.

When she escapes from prison and tries to claim Murder Maid’s old lair, she is thrust into a life-or-death battle against vicious enemies she didn’t know she had.

Now, she must stay alive in the brutal supervillain city of Nyx. She will make allies, level up, and try to discover what has happened to her. Is the world she remembers the real one; or the world she now experiences?

Villainess Life is a supervillainess adventure with LitRPG elements. Follow Miranda’s exploits as she tries to come to terms with the unpleasant reality of life as a villainess.


Who’s Afraid of Amy Sinclair?

by Jenn Gott

Who's Afraid of Amy Sinclair Cover

No one ever said coming back to life would be easy.

Clair Maxwell didn’t ask to be resurrected, or to inherit the mind, body, and superpowers of her parallel self, but she’s done her best to live with it. Even if it means carrying around memories that aren’t hers, even if it means living on a world not quite her own, even if it means learning how to be a reluctant superhero. She has her childhood sweetheart-turned-wife back, and a second chance at living. She has no intention of wasting it.

But just as she’s walking down the aisle again, setting things back the way they should be, her world is up-ended once more. An attack on her life throws everything into chaos. Surrounded by old foes and new secrets, suddenly everything Clair thought she knew about her past is in question. And now she’s forced to wonder just where Clair ends… and Amy begins.


Blackjack Messiah

by Ben Bequer and Joshua Hoade

Blackjack Messiah

I saved Washington D.C., and America as we know it, when Lord Mighty had a tiff.

I saved the whole Eastern seaboard when it was Brutal’s turn to have a tantrum.

Hell, I saved the PLANET back in Hashima when Dr. Zundergrub went postal.

You’d think that would have earned me a little credit around here.

But no, I’m Blackjack, the World’s Most Wanted villain. I can’t step foot in half the civilized countries in the globe and they don’t want me in the other half, either. Japan is suing me for 50 billion for relocating their island – wasn’t me – and Germany wants to re-institute capital punishment on my account for killing a bunch of their special service guys – was me.

Things might look dire, but the people themselves, they love me. I’m polling at 89%. 93% among Republicans. I’m more popular than the Pope. More popular than puppies. So, there’s that to look forward to.

Because when things get dire, when the next super-powered asshole decides to go hysterical and break half the planet, you know who they’re going to turn to.



Black and Blue

by Nancy O’Toole Meservier

Black and Blue Cover

The masks are off.

Dawn Takahashi has achieved her dreams by becoming Bailey City’s first superhero, but is it worth the cost?

After the fall of Calypso, Bailey City has been shaken. An anti-superhero movement, lead by former mayor Edison Kent, is starting to rise. Fortunately, most people are on Dawn’s side, viewing her superhero persona, Hikari, as an asset to the city.

Former supervillain Faultline is seen as a threat. The man behind the helmet, Alex Gage, spends his days keeping his head down, until his efforts to keep his identity concealed lead him straight to Dawn, and their unresolved feelings for each other.

On top of that, new players have arrived at Bailey City in the form of a secret organization that gathers information on empowered beings. Plus a mysterious figure that dresses in black and blue.


The Good Fight 5: The Golden Age

by The Pen and Cape Society

The Good Fight 5 Cover

Superheroes have been around for a long time, and the period from just before to several years after World War II is known as comics’ golden age. In The Good Fight 5: The Golden Age, presented by the Pen and Cape Society, some of the best writers in the superhero fiction industry share their stories set during this time period. Enjoy tales by Nicholas Ahlhelm, Leonard Apa, Stephen T. Brophy, David Court, Jeff Deischer, Adrienne Dellwo, Psychopomp Gecko, Ian Thomas Healy, James Hudnall, T. Mike McCurley, Scott A. Story, and Tom Warin.


Freshman Sidekick (High School Sidekick Book 1)

by Ron Tucker

Freshman Sidekick Cover

As if being fifteen wasn’t confusing enough, Robbie Garcia has the ability to teleport. In King City, a superpower like that qualifies him to sign up to be a sidekick. Viewing that as one step closer to achieving his dream of becoming a full-fledged superhero, Robbie happily leaps at the opportunity.

Unfortunately, the first day of high school reveals how tricky it will be to balance both worlds. Between juggling typical teenage angst and his secret identity, Robbie begins to fear he’s losing himself in this new calling. But when he learns a psychotic villain is plotting his death, homework has to wait as he fights for his life.

Yeah, high school sucks. Add superpowers to the mix and it’s downright deadly.

If you can’t get enough of the CW’s superhero lineup, you’re sure to love every action-filled page of the High School Sidekick series. Download today!


Supervillainy and Other Poor Career Choices

by J.R. Grey

Supervillainy and Other Poor Career Choices Cover


When a down on his luck engineer ends up coming into possession of a rundown suit of power-armor, he sees an opportunity to make some quick cash by selling it off to the nearest supervillain.

Unfortunately for him, what should have been a quick and easy sale to pay off his debts quickly grows into an ongoing series of events that serve only to drag him deeper and deeper into the criminal underbelly of the city he calls home.

In no time at all, Erich finds himself fending off Neo-Nazi gang members, crazed capes, and the dangerous affections of his newest employer’s criminally insane daughter.

All he wanted to do was make a quick buck…



by Karen Diem

Tax season. It’s all forms and games until someone loses a murderer.

Authorities have abandoned the search for a sadistic serial killer with a grudge against Zita Garcia’s family. Never one to sit still, the sometime superhero and reluctant tax preparer will do whatever it takes to find him.

With her loved ones at stake, she’ll call in her best friends and questionable new allies to help. If finding her quarry means Zita has to fight literal monsters, wrangle glitter-obsessed vampires, or go to a nightclub, she’ll do it. Even if the undead and line dances make her skin crawl. She needs to get her mask on and solve this fast—before things go from bad to hearse.

A shovel to get through the three feet of snow wouldn’t hurt either.

Monster is the fourth book in the Arca superhero urban fantasy series and includes immoderate language, lame sexual innuendo, and comic book violence.


Have you read any of these novels? Know of any good new superhero books I missed? Let me know in the comments!

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