Announcing the Secret Stairs Anthology

You mustn’t talk about the stairs.

There they stand, surrounded by nothing but forest, pristine as the day they were built. No sign remains of any other structure around them, no ruins of long forgotten buildings. They look… wrong. They feel wrong. Bad things happen if you get too close. Horrible things.

You must never, ever ever talk about them.

Thirty-four of today’s best up and coming writers provide wonderfully unique interpretations inspired by the urban legends of the Internet age. Tales range from science fiction to fantasy, horror to mystery, and one writer even penned a romance!

But you must never tell anyone about the stairs!

Secret Stairs Cover

Last year, I came across a call for short story submissions about stairs in the woods, the urban legend of creepy stairs standing alone in the middle of a forest. Inspiration struck, and I wrote a story about Ella and Viktor from The Ghost Machine. Set after the events of the novel, it features a mysterious staircase that’s the center of ghostly happenings, and–well, you’ll just have to read it to find out. 😉

Secret Stairs is on sale for 99 cents through this Saturday, March 10th. I’d feel comfortable charging 99 cents just for my short story, The Strange Stairs at the Aldebourne Estate. Getting thirty-four stories for that price is incredible. That’s over 100,000 words total, so grab the ebook for less than a dollar while you can.

If you’ve been reading my stuff for a while, you know I put out one, maybe two books a year tops. Since I announced Clockmaker‘s release on Monday, you probably weren’t expecting anything else from me until late this year or early 2019. (Actually, expect the fourth book in The White Knight and Black Valentine Series this summer, but that’s a topic for another post.)

The publisher picked the date of release for Secret Stairs, and I didn’t want to change Clockmaker‘s, so here they are going out into the world on the same week. Hopefully, you’ve finished Clockmaker and are in the mood for more ghosts. It’s been over a year since I wrote anything featuring Ella, so if you want to find out what she’s been up to since The Ghost Machine, you won’t want to miss this.

So go get Secret Stairs and treat yourself to some gothic steampunk along with some excellent horror, fantasy, and sci-fi stories. You can find it at any of the storefronts below: | | | |

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If Kristen Brand could have any superpower, she'd want telekinesis so she wouldn't have to move from her computer to pour a new cup of tea. She spends far too much time on the internet, and when she's not writing, she's usually reading novels or comic books. Icon by @heckosart.

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