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Fight Crime! (A Love Story)

Fight Crime! coverAn online serial about a supervillain striving to make her mark on the criminal underworld, and the superhero who wants to stop her. Or just hang out and get to know her. Or maybe kiss her. He’s kind of conflicted.

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How Lady Nightmare Stole Captain Alpha’s Girlfriend

Cover of Luna Station Quarterly Issue 29A short story about a damsel-in-distress who awkwardly falls for the villainess who kidnapped her. Complications arise when her superhero boyfriend comes to the “rescue.”

Available in Issue 29 of Luna Station Quarterly

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The Braden Banshee

Mirror Dance CoverA gothic short story about spirit medium Ella Rosenfeld. Hired by a grieving widow who heard a banshee’s wail before her husband’s death, Ella must banish the banshee before the next death it heralds comes to pass–that of the widow’s young daughter.

Available in the Spring 2018 issue of Mirror Dance

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A Magical Education

A group of wise old mentors drink mead and complain about the lazy young heroes they’re training. A humorous fantasy short story.

Available in the October 2018 issue of Swords and Sorcery Magazine

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How to Stop Trains (A Guide for Superheroes)

How to Stop Trains CoverWhite Knight gives a lecture to heroes in training about the best way to stop trains. A short story. Warning: involves physics.

Available here at kristenbrand.com

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