“Parade of Fools” – Part 3

First time reading? Start at the beginning here. Val stood inside a payphone booth in front of gas station outside San Diego, California. It was one o’clock in the morning—or make that three o’clock Central Time, which was what she’d been living in for the past several weeks. Combine that with the four-hour flight fromContinue reading ““Parade of Fools” – Part 3″

“Parade of Fools” – Part 2

First time reading? Start at the beginning here. Dave took three days off from work—not voluntarily, but because his entire chain of superiors insisted he needed time to rest and recover. A good idea in theory but awful in reality. Dave loafed around his apartment with no direction and no focus. He tried reading aContinue reading ““Parade of Fools” – Part 2″

“Parade of Fools” – Part 1

First time reading? Start at the beginning here. The old family lake house was becoming quite the hot scene. The dusty sheets had been taken off the furniture, the refrigerator restocked, and people came and went at all hours. Blueblood, of course, didn’t tell Val who half these people were. He’d taken over the houseContinue reading ““Parade of Fools” – Part 1″

“Everything is Perfectly Fine” – Part 5

First time reading? Start at the beginning here. Blueblood paced up and down the study, his steps clipped and jerky. Outside, the wind pushed against the house, flinging heavy raindrops against the windows. Val settled herself on the leather couch and followed Blueblood with her eyes. His hands were folded behind his back, his headContinue reading ““Everything is Perfectly Fine” – Part 5″

“Everything is Perfectly Fine” – Part 4

First time reading? Start at the beginning here. Dave had been conscious for about two hours when a small woman with curly, graying hair walked into his hospital room. The sight of her surprised him so much that he cut off mid-sentence in his conversation with Moreen and Harris. Harris turned around, saw her, andContinue reading ““Everything is Perfectly Fine” – Part 4″

“Everything is Perfectly Fine” – Part 3

First time reading? Start at the beginning here. JB sat on the dusty chair and listened to the sound of rain hitting the roof. Thunder rolled occasionally in the distance, and wind made the old house creak and moan. It was deceptively peaceful, and he enjoyed it while he could. He especially enjoyed that heContinue reading ““Everything is Perfectly Fine” – Part 3″

“Everything is Perfectly Fine” – Part 2

First time reading? Start at the beginning here. This time, the meeting was on Val’s turf. And by turf, she meant a lakefront house that her family owned and used to visit when she and her sisters had been children. She stood in the living room in front of floor-to-ceiling windows that looked out overContinue reading ““Everything is Perfectly Fine” – Part 2″

“Everything is Perfectly Fine” – Part 1

First time reading? Start from the beginning here. Dave drifted in and out of consciousness for a while. Every time he woke, he’d keep his eyes shut, feeling an overwhelming and nameless sense of dread. Then he’d remember that he’d escaped, that no one was waiting to torture him more. Eventually, he opened his eyes.Continue reading ““Everything is Perfectly Fine” – Part 1″

“FUBAR” – Part 8

Val didn’t pour herself another gin and tonic. She put the empty glass to her lips and leaned back her head, getting a small swallow of melted ice with just a hint of flavor. No more alcohol. She was going to need every fraction of her brainpower to stay alive. She gazed around the room,Continue reading ““FUBAR” – Part 8″

“FUBAR” – Part 7

Dave was starting to like the concrete floor. Sure, it was hard against his skull and back, pressing each link of chain further into his flesh. And yeah, it was filthy. But letting his muscles go slack as he rested on it felt like a little slice of heaven. He didn’t know how long he’dContinue reading ““FUBAR” – Part 7″