“Don’t Let David Puebla Die” – Part 3

The most important decision was what to wear. Okay, that was an exaggeration. Val had other important decisions to make: how much to threaten versus when to play nice, whether to demonstrate her strengths or trick them into underestimating her. But her wardrobe would make or break everything. No, really. It was true. There wereContinue reading ““Don’t Let David Puebla Die” – Part 3″

“Don’t Let David Puebla Die” – Part 2

Dave and Moreen checked in at the long-term hotel using fake identities. When they finished, Dave asked the front desk to call room 231 and tell them Mr. and Mrs. Martinez had arrived, so they wouldn’t spook anybody when they unlocked the door. Agent Chung, Agent Attwater, and the witness had been holed up hereContinue reading ““Don’t Let David Puebla Die” – Part 2″

“Don’t Let David Puebla Die” – Part 1

Val walked up to the old Victorian house, and the gun-carrying man by the door nodded at her as she went inside. The interior looked the same as always: old-fashioned patterned wallpaper, decorative molding on the ceiling, and useless stuff everywhere. Fancy chairs that no one sat on were placed next to side tables holdingContinue reading ““Don’t Let David Puebla Die” – Part 1″

“Dave and Val Watch Soap Operas” – Epilogue

After the dinner ended, JB found himself pulled out of the restaurant and bundled into a car. Nobody talked to him, and he wasn’t stupid enough to ask where they were taking him. Blueblood must have ridden in a different car, since JB couldn’t smell his cologne. JB wanted to go home, to wear hisContinue reading ““Dave and Val Watch Soap Operas” – Epilogue”

“Dave and Val Watch Soap Operas” – Part 6

The kiss was electric. The moment their lips touched, it was like opening floodgates of emotion. He was so responsive, his lips soft but unyielding. He leaned into Val, and his hands went to her hips. The touch made her shiver. He tasted like coffee and other wonderful things, and her hands brushed faint stubbleContinue reading ““Dave and Val Watch Soap Operas” – Part 6″

“Dave and Val Watch Soap Operas” – Part 5

Moreen clenched shut her eyes as the Illusionist made a flash bomb. It was a handy trick, and one Moreen had told her beforehand to use the instant they entered the house if things turned hostile. Yuna’s powers were an ability to manipulate light. Most often, she bent it to create her illusions, but sheContinue reading ““Dave and Val Watch Soap Operas” – Part 5″

“Dave and Val Watch Soap Operas” – Part 4

Val was having a surprisingly good time. Nobody ever associated hospitals with fun, but for a telepath like her, they could be particularly unpleasant. (Try blocking out the thoughts and sensations of the patient in the next room having a colonoscopy sometime. Not fun.) She had the exatrin in her system to thank for aContinue reading ““Dave and Val Watch Soap Operas” – Part 4″

“Dave and Val Watch Soap Operas” – Part 3

Moreen grudgingly admitted that Akio Yasunaga had a nice place. It was a modern, two-story, cube-shaped building with large windows and an open patio atop the flat roof. It was also floating on Lake Union. A narrow dock led out across the water towards it and two other neighboring floating homes, and they had aContinue reading ““Dave and Val Watch Soap Operas” – Part 3″

“Dave and Val Watch Soap Operas” – Part 2

Dave realized he’d lost his mind the moment he considered buying her flowers. He blamed it on sleep-deprivation. The time difference meant he’d woken up at four in the morning, and it had been a long day of non-stop meetings, murder investigations, and fights. Then it was straight to the hospital to make sure theContinue reading ““Dave and Val Watch Soap Operas” – Part 2″