Feast your eyes on the beautiful Dark and Otherworldly paperbacks

Dark and Otherworldly Paperbacks Banner

I used to release all my books in ebook format only, so I’m happy that Draft2Digital has an easy (and free) paperback option. I’ve been slowly going through my backlist and creating paperbacks for my books, and I just unboxed the Dark and Otherworldly series yesterday.

Dark and Otherworldly paperbacks

Aren’t they pretty?! 😍 Here’s a closer look:

They’re slowly going up for sale at different online storefronts, so if you’ve always wanted hard copies of the series, now’s your time.

Store links: Poison and Honey | Sting of Thorns | The Cruelest Curse

What’s your favorite book format? Ebook? Paperback? Hardcover? Audio? Let me know in the comments.

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