Any Paranormal Cozy Mystery Fans Out There?

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I’m going to be releasing two new series next year. (Two!) One is The Shadow Journals, an urban fantasy series I’ve already mentioned a few times on the blog. The second is Texts From Beyond, a paranormal cozy mystery about a woman who gets text messages from dead people.

The first book was originally released as a chat story, but I’m revamping it into a novella. It’s called Dead Messages.

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Here’s the current blurb:

Sydney Farina is already having a crappy week when she goes into work at Summertime Sweets Bakery and finds her boss lying dead on the floor. She’s shocked to learn it was murder—though maybe not too shocked, since her boss was a short-tempered jerk who made more enemies than she did sprinkled cupcakes.

Then the texts start coming.

They’re from her boss’s number, demanding Sydney find out who killed her. Sydney thinks the messages are a bad joke at first, but as they keep coming, she’s forced to accept the truth: she’s getting texts from a dead woman. And her boss’s ghost wants justice.

But who killed her? Was it the restaurant owner next door who’d been arguing with her? A disgruntled employee? Or could it be Sydney’s on-again-off-again boyfriend (and former coworker) who quit in a rage the previous week?

Sydney had better find the culprit soon, or else she’ll be joining her boss on the other side of the grave.

If you’re a murder mystery fan, I hope you’re excited! Stay tuned for a cover reveal, chapter excerpts, and more info in the coming months.

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