Ladies in Leather Jackets: An Urban Fantasy Book Cover Appreciation Post

Before I commissioned the cover for Poison and Honey, I did some serious market research–which is a term that in this case means “looking at pretty book covers on Pinterest and online bookstores for hours.” Oh, woe is me. The life of an author is so hard.

Anyway, as I studied genre trends and the characteristics of covers that sell well (reeeeeally hoping my book sells well), I came across all these gorgeous cover that I want to share with you.

I don’t judge a book by its cover, but a beautiful cover will absolutely make me more likely to check out the description and first few pages, which then makes me more likely to buy the book.

And I just like looking at awesome fantasy art. 🤷

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Cover Fae CoverLeather jacket? Check. Sword? Check. Intense glare? Huge check. This cover is a MOOD. That haunting blue cathedral is a nice background, and the title font looks great.

Nitara CoverThe only weapon cooler than a sword is the glowing, magical spiky whip wielded by the heroine on the cover of Nitara. That thing looks lethal. I love the color scheme, too. The pink really pops, and the moon framing her head is a nice bit of design.

Dark Harvest Magic CoverSpeaking of whips, here’s a wicked-looking one. I’m a sucker for long leather coats and the way they billow in the wind during dramatic moments. It’s probably Underworld‘s fault. I rewatched it on Netflix the other week, and that opening scene of Selene jumping down from a building with her leather trench coat fluttering out behind her is perfection.

Vampire Huntress CoverWhat’s the only thing better than a leather jacket? A leather jacket and a pair of sunglasses. This heroine has some serious swagger, and that fancy glowing knife is so cool-looking. She looks 110% ready to slay a vampire with it, and she’s going to do it in style.

Ahmentree's Magic Cover

No knives or whips here, but I bet that spellbook is every bit as dangerous a weapon. Knowledge is power, right? The cool blues and purples with the city and water in the background give this cover such a good mysterious, magical atmosphere.

Seers Stone CoverI don’t see magic potions feature on UF covers so much–which is a shame, because potion bottles are such a great aesthetic. The background on this cover is so rich in detail–I have so many questions about the story. Seers Stone is evidently about magical artifacts, treasure hunting, and alchemy, and I do get that vibe from this image.

Sailor Ray CoverLove the eerie greens on this cover. The leather jacket is on the short side, but something about her belly shirt and black choker calls out to my inner 90s child. And I’m curious about that glowing red tattoo.

These covers have worked their magic on me, and I’ll definitely be adding some of these books to my TBR pile. What fantasy book cover made you want to read the book immediately? Who’s your favorite badass, leather jacket-wearing heroine? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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7 thoughts on “Ladies in Leather Jackets: An Urban Fantasy Book Cover Appreciation Post

  1. Nothing says Urban like a leather jacket. And nothing says Fantasy like wearing sunglasses at night. These are all great! Those colors really pop and those titles are just slappin. So good. You have great taste, Kristen. Good luck with Poison and Honey!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The cover of The Twice Lost absolutely siren-called to me, with its gorgeous mermaids who were ACTUAL PEOPLE IN SILICONE FINS. 🤩 That cover sent me down the #reallifemermaids rabbit hole for life.

    As for leather jackets, October Daye practically wears hers in the shower (no, really, she’s worn it on Undersea missions). You don’t f**k with Toby when she’s in a leather jacket and blue jeans because (1) she knows how to get blood out of leather, and (2) jeans are cheap and easily replaceable. In other words, she’s not holding back. Also, the covers usually show her holding a sparkly silver dagger, for badass magical emphasis.

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    1. Just googled The Twice Lost and oooh, that is gorgeous.

      I keep meaning to read the October Daye series, and lol about wearing the leather jacket underwater. The covers for that series all look great, too.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Riiiight???

        The trilogy, of which Twice Lost is the finale, is pretty dystopic, though, so those who prefer happy mermaid stories with no need for serious trigger warnings might want to skip it.

        That said, it’s one of the most realistic portrayals of mermaids I’ve read so far. What do they eat? What are their predators and other dangers? How do they stay hidden from humanity while still doing the siren thing? Where do they sleep if they don’t have gills (these mermaids hold their breath for a long time, rather than breathing underwater)?

        Liked by 1 person

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