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Bookish Travel Guide

We’re going into Week Three of social distancing, and I hope everybody who’s reading this is staying safe. I want to send my thanks to the nurses, doctors, grocery store workers, delivery drivers, and everybody else going out there to help others. I also want to send my thoughts to everyone who’s been affected by the virus.

If you, like me, have been hunkered down in your house for the past weeks, you’re probably getting tired of staring at the same old place everyday. That’s why I’m starting Bookish Travel Guide.

The goal is to take you on a fictional vacation to a destination from a book. I’ll be using my own novels, but I encourage book bloggers to post about their favorite bookish escapes and other authors to spotlight the settings of their works–whether published or still in progress. Feel free to use the graphic at the top of this page, and if you use the hashtag #BookishTravelGuide, I’ll do my best retweet and share!Today’s post is about the setting my very first novel, Hero Status, which means I’ll be taking you to Miami.

Miami at Night

Can you feel the sun against your skin? Hear the waves crashing against the beach? Maybe you’ll eat some stone crab while you’re visiting or try some Cuban cuisine. Definitely enjoy a fruity drink while enjoying the night life.

Of course, the Miami in Hero Status isn’t exactly like the one in real life, because this is a world where superhero’s exist. The events of the novel take place during Miami Hero-Fest, which I’ll let Dave, the main character describe:

Officially, Miami Hero-Fest was a celebration of American superheroes to honor the sacrifices we’d made for this country. Realistically, it was just a big beach party, second only to Spring Break. And this year would be the worst, because the Idols were special guests.

You’ll have to fight traffic, but the festival is well worth a visit. There are concerts, fireworks, craft stalls, food trucks, and live events with actual superheroes.


Consider dressing up as your favorite superhero–or supervillain. There are costume contests everyday. Just don’t do anything with full-body spandex or leather, because it is hot out there.

When the sun goes down and the night cools off a bit, why don’t you head to The Lair? It’s Miami Beach’s premier supervillain-themed nightclub. The DJ has a death ray prop that shoots lasers over the crowd, and you can get your picture by the giant world map with targets over major cities.

The Lair

Visit it during Hero-Fest, and you might catch a glimpse of the Idols or Miami’s own Freezefire, who are scheduled to make an appearance. Just make sure you arrive early or bring enough cash to bribe the bouncers, because the lines to get in are infamously long.

If drinking and dancing aren’t your thing, you might want to spend your evening at another type of club that caters to the discerning adult. Downtown, you’ll find Purgatory, a small and intimate BDSM club. Yes, they have a superhero night.


There’s a twenty dollar cover charge, and no alcohol is allowed on the premises. It’s a little hard to find but is an unforgettable experience.

Those are some of the main set pieces in Hero Status, though Dave ends up everywhere from upscale restaurants to mad scientists’ laboratories–and has to punch his way out of most places. There are soooo many fight scenes in this book. 😉

I’ll be back next week with another fictional travel destination, possibly from my steampunk novels or the urban fantasy I’m working on. What are your favorite bookish locations? What novels do a spectacular job of immersing you in their settings? Let me know in the comments, and take care of yourselves out there!

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2 thoughts on “Bookish Travel Guide: Hero Status

  1. Holy vacation plans, Batman! Superhero Spring Break sounds ahMAYzing. Also, Superhero BDSM must be hiLARious! How hysterical would it be to watch a hero vs. villain session? There’s so much potential for sexy puns and awkward one-liners!!!

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