Mary Jane Watson’s Wedding Dress is Perfection (And Other Thoughts on Weddings and Comics)

Wedding Dress

So… I’m getting married later this month.

I know, right? It’s incredibly exciting yet stressful. I’m super ready to marry this man, but wedding planning is such an ordeal, you guys. It’s given me a deep and unyielding sympathy for every character in a superhero franchise whose wedding ceremony was crashed by marauding supervillains.

That poor couple spent months searching for a venue, finding an officiant and a caterer, choosing colors, arranging centerpieces, ordering favors–and I’ll stop now, otherwise this post will become a 500-word checklist of all the things you need to do to plan a wedding.

And then some costumed jerk comes and ruins everything. You’re never going to get those months of your life back!

Flash Wedding Gif

Anyway, this post is mostly to announce that if the blog goes quiet for a couple weeks in late November/early December, I’m fine–just busy.

But let’s talk wedding dresses. Choosing a dress was my favorite part of the wedding planning to-do list, and it’s made me take a closer look at the dresses in superhero weddings. Weddings in comics are always a big event (or non-event in many cases), though sometimes the dresses seem like an afterthought. Some are bland, and others are terribly dated by now, but you get some that are drop-dead gorgeous. Here are a few I really like:

Mary Jane Watson

Spiderman Wedding

THIS DRESS. There is nothing I don’t love about it. The mermaid silhouette is so elegant, and I guess it’s no surprise it looks good on actual supermodel Mary Jane Watson. I love the illusion neckline and layered veil, and the long gloves almost give it a long-sleeved look.

This issue came out almost thirty years ago, but I could totally see a bride walking down the aisle in this dress today. It’s timeless and perfectly classic.


Catwoman Wedding Dress

I’m not the only person on the internet who went gaga over this dress. The black lace is a touch of genius. It’s definitely a gown worthy of a supervillain, yet there’s still enough white to make it recognizable as a wedding dress. The off-the-shoulder sleeves are a nice touch, and I adore the little jeweled cat ears she’s holding.


Oracle Wedding Dress

Her dress has a circuit design!!! How cool is that? I don’t actually have any more to say about this one. I just think it’s a neat idea and fits the character. 😀


Storm Wedding

This isn’t a look everyone can pull off, but Storm knocks it out of the park. The beading and headdress give the gown an appropriately regal feel, and the decision to go with that champagne color rather than pure white was a great one. The skirts are nicely long and billowing–which is a must when you can control the wind.

Super pretty dresses, right? So how are the happy couples doing today?

  • Spider-Man and Mary Jane: sold marriage to the devil
  • Batman and Catwoman: bride ran off before the ceremony
  • Oracle and Nightwing: alternate dimension. Never married in main continuity
  • Storm and Black Panther: divorced

Yikes Gif

…I’ll have to do a separate post on the best married couples in comics.

And that’s it from me. What’s your favorite superhero wedding dress? Favorite fashion disaster? Let me know in the comments.


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5 thoughts on “Mary Jane Watson’s Wedding Dress is Perfection (And Other Thoughts on Weddings and Comics)

  1. What a fun idea for a post!!! I don’t read a ton of comics so I have never really paid attention to the dresses before, but the ones you picked are gorgeous!! I especially like the Catwoman one ❤ ❤ Congrats on your wedding!! I hope its perfect and super villain free!

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