7 Favorite Book Aesthetics

Favorite Book Aesthetics

I’ve become a little obsessed with book aesthetics.

You may have noticed this already if you follow me on Twitter, where I’m all over #ThursdayAesthetic every week. If you’ve never checked out that hashtag, you really should. It’s full of gorgeous imagery, and I’m blown away by the talent of the author community. Every week, one of the hosts announces a theme, and writers create an aesthetic based on it for their books.

I’m not that good at it, but I don’t let that stop me. 😉 Practice makes perfect, and I like to think I get better every week. Either way, I have a lot of fun, and I want to share some of my favorites that I’ve made so far.

Supervillain Book AestheticThis is yesterday’s aesthetic, which is still fresh on my mind. The theme was “words,” and authors were supposed to create an aesthetic based around a quote from their books. I chose this line from Kill Them All. Val’s inner monologue really is the greatest. 🙂

Gothic Thursday AestheticThis aesthetic is for The Ghost Machine. The theme was “atmosphere,” and how could I resist the gothic, eerie atmosphere from that novel? The only thing it’s missing is an actual ghost.

Gothic Victorian Book AestheticPlenty of ghosts here, though. This aesthetic is made of public domain images from the Victorian Era to get across that Victorian gothic feel I was going for in The Ghost Machine. The theme was “fear,” and Ella has plenty to fear in the novel, the least of which are the terrifying specters that only she can see.

Superhero book aestheticWhen the theme of “black and white” was announced, I absolutely had to do something for The White Knight & Black Valentine Series, so here’s one for Dave, retired superhero and disabled badass.

Black, white, and red aestheticThe theme for this one was “family,” so I chose Val, who left a messed-up family of supervillains for the loving family she made for herself. (Also, that photo of the mask and handcuffs on the bed is just perfect for her and Dave’s relationship, and you can see I reused it in this week’s aesthetic.)

YA Fantasy Book AestheticThis aesthetic isn’t for one of my own books, but for The Freedom Game by my awesome sister, J.E. Brand. The theme was “protagonist,” and I’m already on the record as adoring her protagonist, Ethlynn, an enslaved sorceress who just wants to make her awful world a better place.

Blue Book AestheticLast but not least, this one is for Blue Sparrow, who just had a minor appearance in Almost Invincible but whom I’m writing more of now in Superhuman Disaster. I made this one so long ago that I forget the theme, but I think it might have been to do a single color. Obviously, I chose blue.

Credit goes to Unsplash and Pixabay, two awesome resources of free stock photography. Also a thank you to the #ThursdayAesthetic crew for coming up with such fun themes every week.

Do you have a favorite book aesthetic? What do you think is the best book-related form of art? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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