Book Quotes from Superhero Fiction

Your average novel is around 70,000 words, and while I love every single one of them in favorite books, there’s no denying that some phrases are more quotable than others. A good quote makes you laugh or makes you think, and here are some of my favorites from the books in Heroes & Villains: A Superhero Collection (along with a reminder that time is running out to download the boxed set):

Quote from SuperThis one is from the first chapter of Super by Karen Diem, and it makes me fall in love with the main character immediately.

Serpent's Sacrifice quoteThis is a little bit of wisdom from the villain of Serpent’s Sacrifice by Trish Heinrich. She’s one of my favorite supervillains ever, and I think I’d be cheering for her if I didn’t love the book’s heroine so much.

Hero Status QuoteSome thoughts on secret identities and small domino masks from the protagonist of Hero Status by yours truly.

SidekickWe’ve all thought this at some point. 😉 An acknowledgement from the sidekick of Christopher Valin’s Red Raptor Files.

Wearing the Cape QuoteAnd finally, here’s some wisdom from Wearing the Cape by Marion G. Harmon about the proper method of picking up cars–just in case you find yourself developing super strength.

And those are just half of the books you can get for just $2.99 in the Heroes and Villains boxed set–for just a few more weeks before it’s taken down. Download it now for thousands of words of super-powered action.

Heroes & Villains Boxed SetWhat are your favorite book quotes? Let me know in the comments!

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Kristen Brand

Kristen Brand writes speculative fiction with lots of action, witty banter, and a bit of romance. She loves comic books and all kinds of superhero media, and she's probably drinking tea right now.

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