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Hi. I’m speculative fiction author Kristen Brand. If you like fantasy or sci-fi, then you’re in the right place. Read one of my ebooks, and chances are you’ll find A) fire-forged friends, B) fights scenes and stuff exploding, and C) kissing. I’m a huge nerd, which is pretty obvious in my writing, and my blog will give you recommendations and ramblings about novels, comics, short stories, and more.

Check out my Books page for a full list of my novels. Or start reading my free superhero serial, Fight Crime! (A Love Story), online right now.

Looking for the free prequel to Poison and Honey? Click here.

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Kristen Brand

If Kristen Brand could have any superpower, she'd want telekinesis so she wouldn't have to move from her computer to pour a new cup of tea. She spends far too much time on the internet, and when she's not writing, she's usually reading novels or comic books. Icon by @heckosart.

One thought on “Welcome!”

  1. Hi Kristen,

    I stumbled onto your blog by accident and I really like it. I’m working on my own superhero prose novel so I found your posts very informative. Do you listen to music while you write? I listen to the soundtracks to Superman: The Movie and The Incredibles among other things. Some of the books I’ve read so far is Super Justice Force by David F. Walker and Wearing The Cape by Marion G. Harmon. Eventually I will buy your books. Keep up the great work 🙂


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