“Everybody Fights” – Part 6

First time reading? Start at the beginning here. Dave looked helplessly around the room as if hoping he’d spot the supervillains if he just checked one more time. He had to go. He had to do something. If Blueblood and Black Valentine got away with the List…. It wasn’t Dave’s identity becoming public that heContinue reading ““Everybody Fights” – Part 6″

“Everybody Fights” – Part 5

First time reading? Start at the beginning here. Moreen crouched next to Allen, a burnt smell reaching her nose. Taking cover in the alcove by the restroom entrance, she could only see the small section of hallway directly in front of her. She had no idea what the supervillain was doing, or if the otherContinue reading ““Everybody Fights” – Part 5″

New Superhero Fiction for October

October has already come and gone! In the midst of autumn and Halloween, a lot of cool superhero novels came out, and I’ve rounded up the ones that caught my eye. As always, I haven’t read all of these books personally, so check out the samples and reviews before purchasing. Serpent’s Sacrifice (The Vigilantes BookContinue reading “New Superhero Fiction for October”

“Everybody Fights” – Part 4

First time reading? Start at the beginning here. HQ was in chaos. As the police car pulled up to the security gate, Dave could see a crowd of people in the parking lot and hear the faint sound of an alarm. The security guard was gesturing frantically in his booth as he spoke on theContinue reading ““Everybody Fights” – Part 4″

“Everybody Fights” – Part 3

First time reading? Start at the beginning here. The fire alarm screwed with Val’s focus. The grating siren was so overpoweringly loud that it made it hard to pay attention to anything else. One of the security guards had set it off to evacuate everyone from the building, and Val wanted to murder him forContinue reading ““Everybody Fights” – Part 3″

“Everybody Fights” – Part 2

First time reading? Start at the beginning here. The worst part was not knowing what the hell was going on. Moreen had heard an almighty crash a few minutes ago. Everyone in the office had. It had shaken her desk, jostling the pens and pencils in their holder. Harris had taken one look at Moreen,Continue reading ““Everybody Fights” – Part 2″

“Everybody Fights” – Part 1

First time reading? Start at the beginning here. They would have died within minutes if Val hadn’t gone with them. The lobby was full of broken glass, the wrecked cars they’d abandoned, and people who were either cowering or scrambling to counterattack. It was a big open space, where those on the second floor couldContinue reading ““Everybody Fights” – Part 1″

New Superhero Fiction Releases for September

Obviously, my big news from September is that Almost Invincible finally came out, and my book is in good company, since September hosted the releases of a whole bunch of superhero novels. A few authors even put out two or more books during the month, (Seriously, how do you people write so fast? TELL MEContinue reading “New Superhero Fiction Releases for September”

More Sensational Superhero Short Stories

Fight Crime! (A Love Story) is taking a break between episodes this week, but that doesn’t matter, because you’re reading Almost Invincible, right? 😉 For you voracious readers who finished the novel already and need more superhero stories to consume, here’s a selection of free superhero short fiction from around the web. You should allContinue reading “More Sensational Superhero Short Stories”

“Parade of Fools” – Part 9

First time reading? Start at the beginning here. The sirens were soft and distant at first, changing pitch as they got closer. An army of police cars and ambulances swarmed the deserted city street, coming from all directions. The stillness and silence that had descended after Dave took down Tidal Wave lasted for maybe aContinue reading ““Parade of Fools” – Part 9″