Win a free fantasy ebook

To celebrate the holidays, I’m giving away 3 ebook copies of the Dark and Otherworldly omnibus. That’s a bingeable fantasy trilogy featuring enemies-to-lovers romance and the fae. The giveaway ends in 5 days, so don’t wait! Escape to Otherworld today! Click below to enter.

Last Week in Superhero Fiction (10/26/17)

Instafreebie has a huge giveaway of superhero fiction going on right now. Take your pick from a wide assortment of prequels, novellas, previews, and full novels, and claim your copy before the giveaway ends on October 31st. If you like listening to podcasts, episode 26 of Warp Drives has an interview with Mike Stop Continues,Continue reading “Last Week in Superhero Fiction (10/26/17)”

Last Week in Superhero Fiction (9/21/17)

September 18th was Hide a Book Day, so keep your eyes peeled for books in random places when you’re walking around. You may find a copy of Midnight by Stephani Chaney if someone else hasn’t grabbed it first. The superhero novella Serpent by Trish Heinrich is currently available to download for free on Instafreebie. BothContinue reading “Last Week in Superhero Fiction (9/21/17)”

Last Week in Superhero Fiction (9/7/17)

Author Jenn Gott wrote a list of recommended superhero novels that inspired her while she was writing The Private Life of Jane Maxwell. The titles are definitely worth checking out—as is her debut superhero novel. The Halloween-themed anthology Witch or Treat has a short story by Joynell Schultz, The Supernatural Life of a Superhero Wife, whichContinue reading “Last Week in Superhero Fiction (9/7/17)”

Last Week in Superhero Fiction (8/24/17)

There’s only a few weeks left to enter the Goodreads giveaway for J.D. Wright’s upper YA superhero novel, Masked. Speaking of Goodreads giveaways, here’s another for The Phobia of Renegade X by Chelsea M. Campbell that’s still open to enter. Stitch’s Media Mix has posted an incredibly thought-provoking and in-depth review of the bestselling MilesContinue reading “Last Week in Superhero Fiction (8/24/17)”