5 Reasons to be Scared of the Fae

Vampires and werewolves are thoroughly entrenched in horror movies and literature. The fae, though? Not so much.

Which is a shame, because they can be super creepy and dangerous.

The Wild Hunt

The Wild Hunt painting
The Wild Hunt of Odin by Peter Nicolai Arbo

Lock your doors. Hide your kids. The Wild Hunt is coming.

What is the Wild Hunt? That’s actually up for debate. Sometimes a group of Norse gods make up the chase, and other times it’s a horde of ghosts. But often the hunters are fae.

A few things are always consistent: the Wild Hunt is a group of supernatural riders; they travel at night; and when you hear their howls on the wind, you’d better find cover. Cross their path, and you’ll become their prey.

I like this trope because, like werewolves, it taps into that primal fear of getting stalked by something higher up in the food chain.

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