“Dave and Val Watch Soap Operas” – Part 1

Moreen let the silence stretch. Silence made people nervous. It made them babble in an attempt to fill it, and that babbling often gave her the exact information she needed. Mitchell Andrews, aka Lightblade, wasn’t bothered by the silence. He stared vacantly at his lap and looked as if he hadn’t even noticed she’d satContinue reading ““Dave and Val Watch Soap Operas” – Part 1″

“Two Eyeballs and a Gun” – Epilogue

It had rained here earlier, wherever “here” was. JB could smell it in the air when the car door opened. He unfolded his cane and stepped out, and sure enough, he stepped in a puddle. Water splashed onto the bottom of his expensive new pants and dampened his socks. He was probably going to makeContinue reading ““Two Eyeballs and a Gun” – Epilogue”

“Two Eyeballs and a Gun” – Part 9

Dave didn’t get it. Had the Illusionist decided to help Lightblade after all? Or had she been in on it from the start? Figure it out later, he told himself. Lightblade had only been a few yards ahead of him. Dave moved cautiously forward, hands extended like he was trying to find Death. “How couldContinue reading ““Two Eyeballs and a Gun” – Part 9″

“Two Eyeballs and a Gun” – Part 8

Dave barreled down the stairs. Lightblade’s footsteps pounded ahead of him, but the man himself was just out of view. Dave had to catch him soon, before he got outside and into a car and vanished like Death. There. He caught a glimpse of the man’s gaudy uniform on the next flight down. Dave pushedContinue reading ““Two Eyeballs and a Gun” – Part 8″

“Two Eyeballs and a Gun” – Part 7

What a mess. Val had really thought it was over. Now Agent Lee had gone back to trying to find Death by groping. One agent was wounded, and the other was holding onto his gun so tightly that his knuckles were white. And Dave was too busy covering the photographer with his big, manly bodyContinue reading ““Two Eyeballs and a Gun” – Part 7″

“Two Eyeballs and a Gun” – Part 6

Val really didn’t want to be here. For one reason, without her powers, there was nothing to stop Death from sneaking up and putting a bullet in her head. She wouldn’t mind the element of danger if she was having fun, but the newsroom was so boring that it could probably be prescribed as medicineContinue reading ““Two Eyeballs and a Gun” – Part 6″

“Two Eyeballs and a Gun” – Part 5

The cafe still smelled like coffee, but now a metallic undercurrent of blood lurked below. The staff and customers had all been cleared out, some of them being interviewed by DSA agents outside. Khaki Suit’s body lay where it had fallen, a medical examiner crouched over it. Moreen was standing over the examiner, arms crossedContinue reading ““Two Eyeballs and a Gun” – Part 5″

“Two Eyeballs and a Gun” – Part 4

“You’re not going to suit up?” Dave asked as the car pulled up behind the cafe. He wore his White Knight suit, the mask not completely covering the bandage on his nose, unfortunately. Lightblade had changed out of his flannel shirt and into his costume, which Dave didn’t envy. The spandex was a weird mixContinue reading ““Two Eyeballs and a Gun” – Part 4″

“Two Eyeballs and a Gun” – Part 3

“His name is Hong-Jae Chun,” Val said. “Born in Japan. Ethnically Korean. Started working as a freelance assassin in ‘87, hits all across Europe and Asia. As of four years ago, he’s been working exclusively for the Kuroda Syndicate. They must be paying him a small fortune.” Val looked over the small group assembled inContinue reading ““Two Eyeballs and a Gun” – Part 3″

“Two Eyeballs and a Gun” – Part 2

“You’re going to Seattle.” Dave took the news better than Moreen, who groaned loudly. “We’re taking her deal?” she asked. “We’re taking her deal,” their supervisor, Walter, confirmed. They were sitting in front of his desk, which was a mess of overstuffed files, loose papers, and stapled reports. Walter Franke was a beefy, middle-aged formerContinue reading ““Two Eyeballs and a Gun” – Part 2″