Paranormal Cozy Mystery

Paranormal Cozy Mystery

Do you like quirky characters, amateur sleuths, and a touch of the supernatural? Then try one of my paranormal cozy mysteries and see if you can uncover a killer.

Dead Messages Cover

Sydney Farina, full-time baker and cynic, is having a bad enough week when her boss forces her to go into work on her day off. When she arrives to find her boss’s corpse on the floor, her week gets a whole lot worse.

She’s shocked to learn it was murder—though maybe not too shocked. Her short-tempered boss, Glenda Whitaker, made more enemies than she did sprinkled cupcakes.

Then the texts start coming.

They’re from Glenda’s number, demanding Sydney find out who murdered her. Sydney thinks the messages are a bad joke at first, but when they reveal things only Glenda would know, she’s forced to accept the truth:

She’s getting texts from a dead woman.

Glenda’s ghost wants justice, but Sydney doesn’t know the first thing about solving murders. As she investigates her coworkers, can she find out who killed Glenda? Or will she join her grouchy boss on the other side of the grave?

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It starts with an order of inappropriately shaped cookies for a bachelorette party.

When Sydney Farina, professional baker and amateur sleuth, arrives to deliver the cookies, the bride-to-be drops dead right in front of her. Sydney tries to convince herself the mysterious death is none of her business, but the rude bride who texted her for constant updates about her order doesn’t stop texting now that she’s dead. And her ghost begs Sydney to solve her murder and clear her fiancé’s name.

Sydney isn’t so sure the fiancé is innocent, but it’s hard to ignore the angry ghost blowing up her phone at all hours. As she investigates the bride’s frenemies and former lovers, she barely finds any leads and worries she’ll never put the bride’s ghost to rest.

But she must be getting close to the truth, because the killer is trying to silence her… permanently.

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Sydney Farina is done texting dead people.

She’s got a new, non-haunted phone, and the only ghosts she wants to deal with are Halloween decorations. But when a dead body is discovered around the corner from the bakery where she works, her Halloween gets a little too ghastly.

Sydney doesn’t even know the dead guy, but that doesn’t stop his ghost from texting her for help. (So much for her brand-new phone.) He sent her a scam message months ago, and she wasn’t his only target. He stole money from dozens of people—including Sydney’s sister, who’s become the prime suspect for his murder.

As Sydney digs into the scammer’s life, she finds a multitude of people who wanted him dead. She has to find the real killer fast… or her sister will be trading her Halloween costume for a prison uniform.

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