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Like story apps and games? Download these to your phone and never be bored again.

Wardrobe Promo

Being the costume designer for a supervillain is a pretty sweet gig. At least until two heroes ambush me with an ultimatum to betray my boss.

Wardrobe is an interactive superhero story where you play as Claire Carlson, costume designer extraordinaire. (Don’t call her a minion.) Will you stay loyal to your supervillain boss or switch sides and help the heroes? You decide!

Wardrobe Screenshot
A screenshot from Wardrobe showing Claire

Wardrobe is available on the app Tales: Choose Your Own Story. Start playing now!

Trapped within the walls of Auttenberg Asylum, Ella Rosenfeld doesn’t know if she’s suffering from hallucinations or seeing spirits of the dead. She only knows that if she can’t escape, the doctor’s inhumane treatments will kill her.

If you like reading serialized stories, my gothic steampunk novel The Ghost Machine releases new episodes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on the app Radish Fiction.

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