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Long-time blog followers are familiar with the saga of The Ghost Machine, my gothic steampunk novel that is possibly cursed. It’s had some rough luck on its publication journey, but I’m happy to announce that it’s found a new home.

Radish: Premium Fiction Serials

Radish is a mobile app for serial fiction, and The Ghost Machine has joined the ranks of its many, many stories. Nine episodes are out now, and new ones release every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 12 EST.

The Ghost Machine Serial

A tale of gothic castles, snowy mountains, and deadly iron automatons…

Ella Rosenfeld can’t see ghosts. Her visions are obviously hallucinations, which is why she doesn’t argue when her family sends her to the remote Auttenberg Asylum for treatment.

But the longer she undergoes the doctor’s torturous “cure,” the more gruesome her visions become, until Ella discovers she really is seeing ghosts—and Auttenberg’s doctor knows it. He doesn’t plan to cure her; he wants to study her ability by dissecting her.

But Ella refuses to die without a fight. She assaults her captors, scales the asylum fence, and finds sanctuary in the castle of Baron Viktor Szarka. Young and arrogant, the baron offers her protection, but he’s rumored to have locked a woman in the asylum to hide his dark past. Unable to trust him, Ella must uncover the conspiracy surrounding the asylum, her visions, and the baron’s secret… or join the rest of Auttenberg’s ghosts.

If you don’t have Radish on your phone, you can download the app from Google Play or the App Store and find The Ghost Machine by searching or clicking here.

Happy reading!

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