Meet the Cast of Wardrobe

Wardrobe Promo

All 5 episodes of Wardrobe have been released on Tales! If you like superhero stories or are looking for something fun to play on your phone, you can download the app Tales: Choose Your Own Story on iOS.

I talked a bit about the plot and gameplay during my last post about Wardrobe. Today I want to introduce you to the characters.

Character Bio: Clair

Clair is the protagonist, a fashion designer who makes costumes for the supervillain Death Diva on the side.

One challenge I had when writing interactive fiction was characterization. How do you offer the reader choices for the character’s actions but still give that character a consistent personality?

For me, the answer was to offer choices that are “in-character.” Clair has a big dilemma in the story, caught between her loyalty to her boss and her sense of right and wrong, and I can see her making several different choices in the heat of the moment. But none of those choices betray who she is as a character.

She doesn’t like superheroes, so even if you choose to help the heroes, she’s going to do so grudgingly and snark at them the whole time. She has lines she won’t cross, so if you take a more “villainous” path, there’s never going to be a choice that says “Kill him” or anything like that.

And she’ll never do anything that has even the slightest chance of hurting Eric.

Wardrobe character bio: Eric

While Clair is prickly and not always that nice, her boyfriend Eric is a sweetheart. In a city full of dangerous super-criminals, she worries about him a lot.

She hasn’t told him she does freelance work for a supervillain, and I’m sure that will cause her no problems whatsoever. 😐

Phosphoresia is the first of two main superheroes introduced in the game. She’s got a job to do, and she’ll blast whoever she has to in the face to do it. She has no chill whatsoever and is never going to be best buds with Clair. Exactly how their relationship progresses depends on the reader, though.

Wardrobe character bio: Bronze Shadow

Phosphoresia’s partner on this particular mission, Bronze Shadow is a mystery. He doesn’t talk much, but his mere presence has been known to cause minions to wet themselves in fear.

If you played Episode 1, you may have already figured out one of his secrets. If not, keep going and you’ll learn more. 😉

Wardrobe character bio: Death Diva

Death Diva is living her best life stealing priceless art from rich collectors and museums. Fierce, fashionable, and ruthless, she was a lot of fun to write. (If you’ve read any of my superhero novels, you know I have a thing for classy, powerful female supervillains.)

She’s got a soft spot for Clair, but that probably won’t be enough to make her spare Clair’s life if she betrays her.

And those are all the major characters! If you’ve played the game, leave a comment below to tell me who was your favorite. And let me know if you ended up as a hero or villain.

If you’re on your iphone, click the button below to learn more about Wardrobe. Otherwise you can search for Tales: Choose Your Own Story in the app store. (It’s free!)

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