Choose Heroism or Villainy in this sneak peak of WARDROBE

Wardrobe Promo

Being the costume designer for a supervillain is a pretty sweet gig. At least until two heroes ambush me with an ultimatum to betray my boss.

Episode 1 of Wardrobe

I’m writing superhero fiction again, and boy, it feels good to be back. Only this time I don’t have an ebook for you, I’ve got an interactive game.

Cover for interactive superhero story Wardrobe on a phone screen.

Wardrobe is like a visual novel. It has illustrated backgrounds and characters, and at certain points in the story, you get to choose what action Clair, the protagonist, takes next.

Screenshot of superhero visual novel Wardrobe showing the protagonist being followed.
Which would you choose?

Some choices only slightly affect the way the story unfolds, while others have drastic consequences. You can lead Clair down a path of heroism or villainy or just do your own thing.

Depending on what you choose, you can learn the backstories of different characters and unlock secret scenes. And there’s nothing stopping you from going back once you finish and taking a different path.

Maybe be careful about your boyfriend discovering you work for a supervillain.

Wardrobe is available on the app Tales: Choose Your Own Story for iOS. Search for it in the app store if you have an iPhone and look for the cute little fox icon. It’s free (though there’s a paid premium version) and has a ton of stories in different genres. I definitely recommend it if you’ve been feeling cabin fever lately and want some new entertainment.

Wardrobe is in the “soft launch” stage right now. You can currently play Episode 1, “Annoying Heroes,” and I’m gathering feedback as I write the following episodes before the official launch. I’m only announcing it here on my blog for the moment, and I’d love if you could play it and let me know what you think.

Would you be a hero or villain? Do you have a favorite story app on your phone? Let me know in the comments. And if you have an iPhone or iPad, click the button below to get the app and play Wardrobe now!


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