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I came across The Netflix Book Tag on Blair Leftly’s Feed the Crime, which is a great book review blog for those of you who like mysteries, thrillers, and crime fiction. The tag was created by A Darker Shade of Whitney, and it just seems like a good chance to talk about books, so I’m jumping on the bandwagon.

Recently Watched: The Last Book You Finished


Borderline Cover

I’ve been reading a lot of urban fantasy books about the fae recently, including Borderline, Exile, Court of Shadows, and Hot Lead, Cold Iron.

Top Picks: A Book That Has Been Recommended to You Based on What You’ve Previously Read

Pixie Me Up

Amazon has evidently picked up on how I’ve been reading a lot of cozy mysteries and paranormal novels lately, because now it’s recommending me cozy paranormals. I admit to being intrigued by the cat in the top hat on this cover.

Recently Added: The Last Book You Purchased

No Man Can Tame Cover

I grabbed No Man Can Tame by Miranda Honfleur when it was on sale recently. I’ve got several books on my to-read list ahead of it but am excited for when I eventually get to it. Look at that cover! It’s gorgeous.

Popular on Netflix: Books That Everyone Knows (Two You’ve Read, and Two You Have No Interest in Reading)

This one’s tough, since saying “everyone” knows a book is a pretty big assumption unless you’re talking Harry Potter. I’m going to pick two I’ve read that have had live-action adaptations, so at least a good number of people have heard of them.

Cocaine Blues Cover

Altered Carbon Cover

I get bonus points for including one that’s been adapted on Netflix, right? I’ve watched all of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and am super excited to see the movie that just came out, and I’m currently making my way through Season 2 of Altered Carbon and am intrigued about where the plot is going this time.

I’m not going to call out two books that I don’t have any interest in reading. Just pick anything that’s not fantasy, sci-fi, or mystery, and chances are, it’s not for me. 😉

Comedies: A Funny Book

Dahlia Moss Cover

The Astonishing Mistakes of Dahlia Moss by Max Wirestone is quirky, geeky, and hilarious, much like the protagonist herself. Dahlia is a gamer, amateur investigator, and kind of a hot mess–but a relatable one whose first-person narration is delightful. I can’t recommend this book enough if you like fun mysteries.

Dramas: A Character Who Is a Drama Queen/King

Heroine Complex Cover

I’ve got to go with Aveda Jupiter from Heroine Complex. She’s a huge drama queen, causing a lot of grief to the main character, her assistant/friend Evie. Aveda learning to be less of a diva and more of a friend is one of many nice subplots among the demon cupcake fights and other superhero action.

Animated: A Book with Cartoons on the Cover

Bandette: Presto! Cover

Is it cheating to use a comic book for this one? Because Bandette is so charming and fun. It’s got rival art thieves, a dastardly criminal organization, mysterious ladies, and a cute dog sidekick. C’est magnifique!

Watch It Again: A Book or Series You Want to Reread

Lords of the Rings Set

My husband got me this gorgeous leather-bound set of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings for my birthday. Eventually, I’m going to use them to re-read the whole series, but in the meantime, I’ve got too many new books to devour.

Documentaries: A Nonfiction Book You’d Recommend to Everyone

Yokai Attack! Cover

Yokai Attack! was gifted to me by a friend, and I love it. It’s a great informational book about creatures from Japanese folklore, but it’s written as a survival guide in case you run in to one of these monsters. It has some awesome illustrations, too, and is one of the very few nonfiction books on my shelves.

Action and Adventure: An Action-Packed Book or Series

The Emperor's Edge Cover

The Emperor’s Edge series by Lindsay Buroker has nine novels and hundreds of thousands of words–the majority of which I think are action. Seriously, these books have so many battles, chase scenes, monster fights, and stuff getting blown up or otherwise destroyed. And the first book is free, so you should definitely read it.

New Releases: A Book That Just Came Out or Will Be Coming Out Soon That You Can’t Wait to Read

Spring Cover

I’m so far behind on Jessica Florence’s Hero Society novels, but the covers are always gorgeous, and I want to read them all. Spring‘s release got pushed back with everything going on right now, but I’m looking forward to when it comes out.

And that’s the Netflix Book Tag! I’m tagging anybody else who wants to give it a try, since now’s a good time to talk about the books and TV shows that give us a break from reality.  Everybody stay safe out there, and happy reading!

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4 thoughts on “The Netflix Book Tag

  1. OMG kitten in a top hat = automatic TBR! 😍 Also, demon cupcake fights? That sounds unbelievably delightful. I would watch that show for sure. It could totally be a spin-off of Halloween Wars.

    And with a name like Aveda Jupiter, I can’t entirely blame a character for being a bit of a diva. Her parents were practically asking for it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The demon cupcake fight is as delightful as it sounds. And lol, that would definitely make baking competition shows more interesting!

      Her parents were actually perfectly reasonable and named her Annie, but she changed it when she became a superhero–and talks about herself in the third person a lot. 😀


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