5 Things I’m Excited About for The Witch’s March

The Witch's March

One reason I love having a sister who’s an author is that we beta-read each other’s work. She catches my typos and gives me feedback about the overall story, and I do the same for her.

The hard part is that I end up finishing an awesome book and having no one to geek out with, because literally no one else has read it yet.

This is the case with The Witch’s March: The Occult Invasion, an urban fantasy set during WWI. Luckily, a chance for everyone else to read this book is coming. My sister is running a Kickstarter to fund the book launch, and I want to talk about why I’m excited about it.

Aerial Dogfights with Dragons

Yes, you read that right. This book has not one but two scenes with the characters fighting/desperately trying to escape a dragon while in WW1 fighter planes.

Imagine being stuck in one of those little propeller planes, and a giant dragon descending on you. It’s faster, stronger, and the machine gun just annoys it. If it doesn’t tear apart the plane with its claws or tail, it can burn it to a crisp with a blast of its breath. The whole thing is tense and terrifying…and makes for a crazy awesome fight scene.

Dragon Picture

The Main Character

Hattie Lange is a total badass. Here’s a quote from the blurb:

“The more blood that is spilled, the more powerful she becomes… and there is plenty to spare in the middle of a war.”

Harriet Lange is daughter to one of the most powerful wizards in the world. His traditionally chauvinistic values forced her to secretly Bind to Blood magic and teach herself everything she knows, but the rarity of her forbidden powers make her that much more formidable on the battlefield.

I get a definite Agent Carter vibe from Hattie. She’s incredibly powerful and wants to do her part to help win the war, but sexism keeps holding her back, and she just finds it so incredibly irritating. But all that frustration never stops her from speaking her mind and stubbornly doing the right thing.

She’s incredible in a fight, whether she’s helping her team or going on a roaring rampage of revenge, which brings me to…

Blood Magic

In the world of The Witch’s March, sorcerers bind themselves to a “focus,” which is their specialty. Most go with elements, like metal, but Hattie of course goes for the incredibly dangerous, forbidden Blood Focus. She basically uses her own blood to power her spells, which means that when she gets injured, she gets more powerful–at least for a time.

It’s a cool concept, and Hattie can do some seriously scary stuff with it, though there’s always the risk she’ll use too much and end up killing herself.

Witch on broomstick

The Squad

Hattie isn’t sent into enemy territory alone. She’s part of a team that includes a grumpy dwarf with a penchant for explosives, a friendly sorcerer who becomes her new BFF, and a resolute commanding officer whom she develops feelings for.

It’s fun reading about the relationships between all these people develop. Some have no issue with Hattie joining the team, while others only grudgingly give her respect after she’s proven herself. And at least one stays pretty much a jerk from start to finish, but hey, that’s life. They’re all very good at their jobs and defend each other unquestioningly in battle, though the insults and banter never stop flying.

The End

*Long, drawn out sigh* I can’t talk about it yet.

The Prologue

This one, I can talk about. The prologue is up at my sister’s blog, and if you want a glimpse of Hattie, Blood magic, and the intense battle scenes this book has to offer, you should give it a read.

The Witch's March Book Aesthetic
A book aesthetic I made for the Witch’s March

You can check out some cool history facts related to the series and a cover reveal at my sister’s blog. And if any of this sounds up your alley, consider contributing to the Kickstarter to help make the book possible and get some cool rewards in the process.

Thanks for reading!

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