New Superhero Fiction of 2019 (Part 3)

New Superhero Fiction

Happy Halloween, everybody! I should probably have a Halloween-themed post today, but it’s been a while since I’ve done a roundup of new superhero fiction, so here we are. I’ll say it’s still Halloween-related, since a lot people dress up as superheroes for the holiday. 😉

As usual, I haven’t read all of these books personally, so check out the reviews and previews before purchasing. And happy reading!

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Sidekicks: Superpower Chronicles Books 1

by Arthur Mayor


All the superheroes died, who’s left?

My life is full of choices. Paper or plastic, cake or pie, tackle my chem homework or give a supervillain a well-deserved smackdown? (The answer’s obvious: cake.) When the leader of the world’s most powerful superhero team asked me to become Raven, his apprentice, that was the easiest choice ever. But I blew it.

Now, all the superheroes are dead, killed in an instant by an enemy they never saw coming. And I have another choice: give up and hide inside my normal life or master my powers and assemble a team of fellow trainees to protect the city.

If you enjoy action-packed good versus evil battles, snarky banter, and plucky teenage superheroes who refuse to quit, you will love Raven’s adventures in Sidekicks, the first book of Superpower Chronicles. Perfect for fans of Spider-Man and The Teen Titans. Get your copy today!


Serpent’s Return: A Superhero Urban Fantasy (The Rise of Heroes Book 1)

by Trish Heinrich

Serpent's Return Cover

One mission. One mistake.

Alice could do nothing to stop the man who murdered her aunt. So, when the chance to become the vigilante Serpent came her way, she accepted the mantle without hesitation.

But no one ever said vengeance was without consequences.

Alice’s moment of triumph ends in a tragic mistake. Now she and her super-powered allies must fight a villain of their own creation, one with a vendetta against the vigilantes.

Fans of Marvel and kick-ass Urban Fantasy heroines will love Serpent’s Return, a twist on the popular superhero mythos.

Suit up and get your copy today!

Previously published as Serpent’s Sacrifice book one of The Vigilantes: The Phantasm Trilogy


First Knight (Capes & Masks Book 1)

by Lucas Flint

First Knight Cover

The Minimum Wage Sidekick returns in an all-new adventure!

Eighteen-year-old Alex Fry (Beams) thinks he’s seen it all in his year and a half as a part-time sidekick. That’s why he’s surprised when the police call him and his boss to investigate the gruesome slaughter of a local crime gang. Nineteen of Golden City’s most wanted killed in one night by one man.

The culprit: A supervillain knight known as Slasher seeking to conquer Golden City in the name of his mysterious king. Slasher is willing to kill anyone who stands in the way of his conquest of the city and Beams and Rubberman are at the top of his hit list.

Now Beams must use all of his cunning, strength, and powers to defeat Slasher and save Golden City. Yet when Beams’ own failing powers threaten to kill him, defeating Slasher may be the least of his troubles.


Unsung Heroine (Heroine Complex)

by Sarah Kuhn

Unsung Heroine Cover

This standalone novella in the smart, snarky, and action-packed Heroine Complex series follows personal superhero trainer Lucy Valdez and friends Aveda Jupiter and Bea and Evie Tanaka as they combat a new supernatural threat.

Lucy Valdez is many things: fight trainer/bodyguard to superheroines, fabulous vintage fashion plate, undisputed karaoke queen at local joint, The Gutter. She is also one of the toughest fighters in all of San Francisco without superpowers. So why can’t she seem to confess her feelings to her longtime crush Rose Rorick, head of the San Francisco Police Department’s Demon Unit?

Well…. actually, she knows why. She’s afraid Rose won’t like the real Lucy, the Lucy underneath all the fabulous bravado. (She is still fabulous underneath that bravado–just in a different way.)

When a mysterious new karaoke star rises up at The Gutter and eclipses her, Lucy finds her confidence further shaken–and when strange, seemingly supernatural happenings threaten both this new star and The Gutter’s very existence, she must rise to the challenge and investigate alongside Rose. Will Lucy be able to vanquish the demonic threat to her beloved karaoke haven, confess her true feelings to Rose, and reclaim her karaoke throne?


The Wraith: Danger Close (Superhero by Night Book 4)

by Jeffery H. Haskell

The Wraith Cover

I may be super, but I’m no hero. I have one rule: If you’re evil, you die. No trial, no judge, no mercy.

Madisun Dumas, aka The Wraith, is close to achieving her goals. She faked her own incarceration, now the government will leave her alone. She wiped out ISO-1 in South America and added their top man to her kill list… Then she found out who was really in charge…

An honest-to-God Alien. A creature called the Th’un who goes by the moniker, Mr. Axiom.

Taking on aliens is outside her wheelhouse and she knows it. There is only one person on Earth who can help her: Amelia Lockheart, the Full Metal Superhero.

There’s a problem, though. Madisun’s methods are a bit… extreme. Compared to Madi, Arsenal is a goody-two-shoes and working with her could cause a conflict Madisun doesn’t want.

Can the cold-blooded killer of men work with the superhero who is used to saving lives, not taking them?

Or will the alien kill two birds with one stone?

If Madi can’t make it work, getting along with the superhero community will be the least of her problems… the Th’un is out for revenge, and only every life on Earth will satisfy him.


Black Magnet (Heat Superhero Book 1)

by David Neth

Black Magnet Cover

The city is heating up…

Ash doesn’t know who he is or how he ended up in an old coal mine outside the city. Even more terrifying, he discovers that he can throw fire from the palms of his hands when he saves Rachel from being mugged. She’s a researcher, who develops a curiosity for his powers. With the help of Rachel and her coworker, Perry, Ash tries to piece together what happened to him.

They soon encounter another super they call the Gatekeeper, who knows Ash’s history and holds a grudge against him for it that he expects Ash to pay for. But the Gatekeeper seems to be more powerful than Ash’s own moniker: Heat. With the Gatekeeper’s apprentice, Black Magnet, terrorizing the city, Heat will have to fight his way to uncover answers about his past.

However, those answers won’t set him free.


Not Your Backup (Sidekick Squad Book 3)

by C.B. Lee

Not Your Backup Cover

Emma Robledo has a few more responsibilities that the usual high school senior, but then again, she and her friends have left school to lead a fractured Resistance movement against a corrupt Heroes League of Heroes. Emma is the only member of a supercharged team without powers, she isn’t always taken seriously. A natural leader, Emma is determined to win this battle, and when that’s done, get back to school. As the Resistance moves to challenge the League, Emma realizes where her place is in this fight: at the front.


Hero Hunt: Sorceress Super Hero Book 3

by Darius Brasher

Hero Hunt Cover

I thought a magical superhero murdering people was someone else’s problem.

Then he killed someone I love.

Now I’m going to make myself his problem.

But first I have to find him. Hopefully before he kills again.

A half-trained sorceress like me versus Earth’s most powerful sorcerer?

What could possibly go wrong?


Mastermind (Titan Online #1) – A Superhero LitRPG Story

by Steven Kelliher


Karna was just like any other comic book fan. He dreamed of fighting alongside colorful heroes and taking down dastardly villains. In Titan Online, the most popular VR MMORPG going, he finally got the chance to live out his cape-donning fantasies.

That is, right up until he was killed by the game’s number one ‘hero’. A man who serves only himself in a constant grind for money, fame and adoration. Forced to start from scratch due the harsh game mechanics, Karna finds a new mission; bringing balance back to Titan Online.

With a strange new power and some unlikely allies, Karna hatches a plan to save the game, and get a bit of revenge in the process.

When the heroes can’t be trusted, it’s up to the villains to save the (virtual) world.


Fire Angel: Igniting the Spark

by Paul English

Fire Angel Cover

It has been a month since Fire Angel finally defeated Nemesis. Now the world is coming to terms with the existence of super-humans and everyone is divided as to whether they are a blessing or a threat.In the final days leading up to the US Presidential Elections, Fire Angel is declared public enemy number one by the American government. However, there is more going on behind the scenes than anyone realizes.

Power-hungry Senator Sam Douglas is maneuvering his way to becoming the newly-elected President while using his own nefarious methods to eliminate Fire Angel. Meanwhile, Fire Angel is desperately seeking to inspire the city of Havencroft, which is gripped by fear and uncertainty. But at the same time, she is fighting for her own survival against both a government-sponsored task force and the mysterious ‘sleepers’ who are out to destroy her.


Rooftops: A Just Cause Universe Novel

by Ian Thomas Healy


By night, Jackie Langdon is the outlaw vigilante White Fang, fighting crime in Reno . . . except when the moon is full, and she transforms into a savage werewolf with an indiscriminate bloodlust that can only be contained by locking her in a cage until sunrise.

For the last century, vampire Charlotte Pastor has slain werewolves for her secret society, The Midnight Collective. When assigned to shut down White Fang, she figures it’s just business as usual.

A supernatural force arises to threaten werewolves, vampires, and humans alike. With no time to find other allies, Jackie and Charlotte must set aside their differences. If they can’t learn to trust one another, the world will pay the price.


Have you read any of these books? Know any good superhero releases that I missed? Let me know in the comments!

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