New Superhero Fiction Releases (May 2018)

New Superhero Fiction

Hi again, super readers. This post took forever to put together, because there are so many awesome-sounding superhero novels that came out this month. And we’ve got a little bit of everything, whether you’re looking for dark or comedic tones, teenage or adult protagonists, romance or pure action.

You know the drill by now: please read the samples and reviews before purchasing, because I haven’t personally read everything on this list. And if you’d like to share your own recommendations, I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Happy reading!

Power: Arca Book 3

by Karen Diem

Power Cover

After successfully rescuing her brother from a serial killer and stopping a plot to use a magic butter knife to massacre thousands, Zita Garcia is ready for a return to her regular life: illegally climbing skyscrapers, hiding her superpowers, and grudgingly earning a paycheck to cover all those bills piling up.

Unfortunately, her least favorite supervillains are rampaging around in a bloody crime spree, outmaneuvering and outgunning the authorities. Enlisting her friends to help, even the one sulking in his dad’s basement, she’s got to stop the bad guys and their latest evil plan before anyone else dies. Even if Zita isn’t sure what they’re doing, other than it involves Brazil.

And maybe dinosaurs.

Power is the third in the Arca superhero urban fantasy series and includes immoderate language, lame sexual innuendo, and comic book violence.


Emily Monroe Is Not The Chosen One

by Erik Schubach

Emily Monroe Cover

Emily Monroe may be a lot of things, but one thing is for sure, she is NOT the Chosen One.

Emily is a normal girl working at Big Burger who has the unfortunate luck to look exactly like Big City’s superhero darling, the Chosen One.

It has been the bane of her existence as it disrupts her life and those around her when super villains come knocking, wanting to prove their mettle by fighting the Chosen One. Nobody listens when she insists she isn’t who they think she is.

With common sense and years of rage built up inside, she usually serves their butts to them on a platter, asking “Did you want fries with that?” No cape required.


Mystic Man

by Toren Chenault

Mystic Man Cover

Isaac Eckspo is just like any other famous scientist his age. He lives for knowledge and doesn’t feel alive unless he’s learning. The only thing that Isaac loves more than knowledge is his family. His wife Cynthia, and his daughter, Alisha are his entire world. But, when they mysteriously vanish into thin air, Isaac’s brain and will are put to the test as he searches for the person, or being, responsible for his family’s disappearance.


Paragon: A Superhero Novel

by Benjamin Peck

Paragon Cover

The Golden Age of Heroes is over. Once heroes were common, even sanctioned by private companies and government agencies to help the common people. Now, all that remains of those days are bitter memories. Supers, those cursed with inhuman abilities, live in hiding, afraid of the weapon capable of stripping them of their powers.

But there are places they gather to forget the world above: The Cowl, a bar hidden away in an underground subway, serves patrons from all over the city who seek to forget their sorrows. Some even provide entertainment for the rest of the patrons via scheduled fights between competing Supers.

Zeke, a Super who lost both his parents at a young age, fights in this underground arena for a living. While he enjoys staying hidden from the outside world, he soon discovers himself amidst plots of murder, grotesque experimentation, and a centuries-old sadist who thinks himself a god. If Zeke is willing to risk his own life, what will it cost of those he loves?


Killing Andromeda: Mr. Wonder, Book 2

by Sean Stansell

Killing Andromeda

Andromeda’s life has always been hard. But never quite like this…

She did the right thing when she reunited a family she almost destroyed. But doing so brought her whole world crashing down. Now she’s struggling to adjust to a new life and a new role as Mr. Wonder’s sidekick and mentor.

Just as she starts to get her footing, a gang of criminals threaten her fragile status quo. Trying to help her new family, she’s backed into a corner from which even the formidable Andromeda might not escape.

Killing Andromeda is a humorous superhero adventure, and the sequel to A Dad in a Cape. If you love super-powered action, scathing sarcasm, and gratuitous pop culture references,  you’ll love this entertaining tale.


Undaunted (Unlikely Hero Series Book 3)

by Eric Padilla

Undaunted Cover

Just when he thought he was done…

Daniel, aka the Angel, had the whole superhero thing figured out, even saving his entire city from being killed by a group of supervillains who were trying to turn the very air into poison. He was feeling pretty good about things. Too bad it didn’t last.

Now, he’s having visions of a catastrophe much bigger than anything he’s faced before., yet somehow he doesn’t know what form it will take. The only thing that’s really clear is that he has to find the alien who keeps invading his thoughts, the only one who can tell Daniel what he’ll be facing.

If only someone else believed him.

The young superhero is in a race against time, each minute that clicks by increasing the pressure and leading inexorably toward the disaster that still remains a mystery. His fellow superheroes wonder if the visions are just regular dreams, but he knows that if he can’t solve the mystery of the extraterrestrial and the danger looming ahead, there may be no one left to convince.

Pick up the third and final book in the Unlikely Hero series and join Daniel in his most challenging super-adventure yet.


Ignite (The Fire Within Book 1)

by J. Sun-Park

Ignite Cover

Anna Neves, famed superheroine Mist, has reached a crossroads. On the wrong end of another bad breakup, and burned out from years of constant toil, she finally decided to step away, to let someone else carry the burden of protecting the people, and to find lasting love.

Into her life steps Ian Blackwell, a handsome but unassuming man, easygoing, supportive, stable… and to all appearances, boring. He seemed to promise little more simple, standard relationship with nothing out of the ordinary, but after so many failures, it may be just what she needs. And there’s something about him, something intriguing that seems to lurk just beneath the surface.

Both have their histories, however, the demons they’ve faced, and the ghosts that continue to haunt them. And some of those may not be willing to stay in the past, nor care who gets caught in the crossfire…


Storm Forged (The Darkest Storm Book 1)

by Patrick Dugan

Storm Forged Cover

The X-Men meets The Hunger Games in this thrilling debut superhero novel!

Tommy Ward just wanted to go through life like everybody else. Go to school, make friends, meet girls, play video games. You know, the stuff normal high school kids do. But Tommy isn’t normal, and the silver collar around his neck lets everybody know it.

Tommy is one of the Gifted, people born with special abilities that are locked down by the collars. But being a Gifted was outlawed after massive terrorist attacks destroyed half the world’s population. Now Tommy’s father is trapped as a participant in a terrible game show, where the only prize is death.

Tommy and his friends vow to save his dad, but without their powers, how will they do it? Tommy is about to find out that everything has a price, and sometimes you have to pay more than you can afford.

Storm Forged is the first novel in The Darkest Storm, a dark superhero series from Falstaff Books.


Unidentified Phenomenon (Guardians Book 2)

by Damien Benoit-Ledoux

Unidentified Phenomenon Cover

Best friends Quinn McAlester and Blake Hargreaves secretly develop their super powers with their high school science teacher and mentor, Mr. St. Germain, until circumstances beyond their control soon push the boys apart.

Encouraged to be fair and balanced by Mr. St. Germain, Quinn fulfills his childhood dream of becoming a superhero, but he is quickly forced into the public spotlight. Thwarted by local authorities and the government who want to capture and study him, Quinn struggles with his super-powered reality.

Meanwhile, the mysterious Victor Kraze draws Blake further and further into The Order, a secret organization with evil motives and controversial goals. As Blake learns to enjoy exercising his own brand of superhero injustice against local criminals, Victor manipulates Blake’s taste for vengeance and quietly pulls him away from his best friend.

Balancing school, family life, and their super powers, the boys quickly disagree on whether they should use their powers for good or for evil. Their once perfect friendship becomes estranged and falls victim to powerful, unknown forces who work to control the two super-powered boys who are destined to become superheroes or villains.

This is Book 2 of the GUARDIANS series, a tale of unexpected teenage superheroes and villains. GUARDIANS is a fun superhero/urban fantasy novel series based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. With lovable characters, exciting action, memorable moments, and unexpected twists, GUARDIANS is sure to delight all fans of the genre.


Supernal Dawn (Transcendent Powers Book 1)

by J.A. Giunta and Sharon Skinner

Supernal Dawn Cover

The discovery of alien artifacts across the world brought humanity together. Activating the pillars threatened to tear the world apart. The resulting vibrations did more than rumble the earth. It altered DNA, changed ordinary people into supers.

Governments were quick to step in, to quarantine and control. The affected were a threat. Civilians were never meant to have real power.

For Lee, that means choosing between the family that betrayed him and the agency offering to train him. Ember’s loyalties are divided between the brother she’s lied to all her life and the family sworn for generations to protect the Nexus – the largest convergence of ley lines on the planet.

The path ahead will not be easy.

It is a time of beginnings, for new powers to arise.

The age of heroes is upon us…

A Supernal Dawn.


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