[Insert Update Here]

Today’s the first day after my big cross-country move, and I figured I wouldn’t have time to post this week’s update until late evening. What I didn’t take into account is that I won’t have internet set up at my new apartment for a few days. I’m writing this on my cell phone, and the next update is saved on my laptop, so…yeah. *headdesk* I’ll post it as soon as I can. Sorry for the wait!



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2 responses to “[Insert Update Here]

  1. Andy K

    No oops. Moving is hectic enough. Ur fans, well at least I can only speak for me, want u to keep sharing ur great writing. If that means letting u take some time to do what u need to, then so be it. Plus it’ll just make getting the next update all the better for anticipating the next part of ur wonderful story.


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